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  5. "Ein Mann folgt uns."

"Ein Mann folgt uns."

Translation:A man follows us.

November 25, 2013

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So folgt is a dative verb? Does that mean a man follows me would be 'ein Mann folgt mir'?


My first guess when translating to German would be: "Ein Mann folgt MICH" as mich is the direct object in the sentence. Is the previous translation correct? Any clarifications other than folgen comes with dative? Is "ein Mann verfolgt mich" correct then?


Mich is the direct object, however folgen always takes the dative case, no matter what. Other examples of dative verbs are gefallen, helfen, danken, antworten, and so on. So no, it has to be "Ein Mann folgt mir.

Also, your second sentence is correct, but folgen and verfolgen don't have the exact same meaning. Folgen simply means to follow, while verfolgen is more like to track or pursue.


What about a follow, like on facebook or something?


If you were being serious, yes, it can be used in that context in German.


Why is "A man chases us" incorrect?


That would be 'Ein Mann verfolgt uns.'


I guess it's the same for "A man is after us".

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