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"Sen erkeksin ve ben bir kadınım."

Translation:You are a man and I am a woman.

November 14, 2015



Is it possible to say "Sen BIR erkeksin ve ben bir kadınım"? I wrote "you are man and I am a woman" cuz i thought the "bir" was omitted on purpose...lol


"You are man" doesn't make sense in English really. It is fully optional to include "bir" here in Turkish :) This sentence just highlights the flexibility of the language.


Haha thank you sir.

I've just got a bit sensitive to the article thing in turkish language. Seems that i can never get 'a' or 'the' in the right place. :)


Don't worry, you'll get used to it. :-)


Abi niye "you are man and ı am a woman" olmuyor?


I am under the impression that a more accurate translation would be "You are male and I am a woman". Is that correct, or am I misunderstanding?

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