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  5. "Non sono americane?"

"Non sono americane?"

Translation:Are they not American?

November 25, 2013



When doing this as a listening exercise, it is pretty hard (if not impossible) to tell the difference between americane and americani. Seems a bit harsh to be penalised for that.


You'll get used to the listening in time. So, what happened? First of all being "penalised" is not the issue. You were told that you misunderstood something which means you have something to learn. Are you more interested in the "points" or the learning? If I sound harsh I don't mean to just realistic. In the beginning, I hated the listening but now I can write something correctly even though I may not know what it means. :-)


I'm inclined to agree, I watch out for these, but even listening several times doesn't always help. Strangely the normal speed replay often seems better for discerning the ending.


I agree it is impossibile


Ok, I'm confused. I must say that english isnt my native language but Im quite good in it. So, I wrote 'Are not they american?' and Duo said it's wrong and the answer is 'Aren't they american?'. Is it so important to add an apostrophe or what?


"Aren't they American?" is the usual expression. "Are they not American?" is possible. "Are not they American?" would sound strange.


Why the word order gets changed when the apostrophe stuff happens (I've forgotten the correct word for the way the words get jammed together) I have no idea. But it is indeed the way Viggiatore has said.


"Jammed together" is wonderful. Much better than boring old "elision" the formal grammatical term for this "jamming together". Your 502 streak is pretty special too! Congratulations.


I love your "the words get jammed together"! It's called a contraction, and the apostrophe shows where a letter or letters have been left out. Why the word order changes is a mystery!


"Are they not..." is normal question word order: auxiliary verb (are, is, do etc, etc) then subject (they, he, Jane...) then the rest.

When you have : "Aren't" the "not" is stuck to the "are" so the "they" doesn't fit in there. So, you just dump it at the end. Yes, I too like the "jammed together" instead of ol'borin' "contraction". Keep smiling.


I agree, "Are not they American?" is grammatically correct but an native english speaker would have to think about its meaning.


I am no natve speaker of English either. I still hope to explain: It is not the apostrophe. It could be "Aren't they .." or "Are they not ..". Your mistake was the word order: "Are not they ..". By the way: It is "to be good a t something" not "in" something.


in asking are you American, or whatever, why does the grammatical gender have to be masculine?


Everythin that's already been covered above plus proper nouns (such as nationality) are always capitalized, so "American" and never "american."


Both sentences are the same---Are they not american? Why is one right and one wrong? Please explain- Non sono americani-Non sono americane


Both mean the same thing because americani is the masculine plural, americane the feminine and we don't have that distinction in English. But in the listening exercises you have to write the exact form that was said.


Shall be americans or what


When written sentence needs to be translated to English, americani is the form used. When the sentence is spoken, for some reason the same structure of subject and verb is used both times, yet the correct answer is americane. Why?


When the sentence is spoken the voice says "Americane" so it's the only answer.

When it's written English it doesn't define the sex of those Americans so it can be both "Americani" or "Americane", both will be correct. But since in Italian you only use the feminine when you are sure that all participants are females Duolingo proposes the masculine as the 'default' answer. But both are correct translations.


Since the word americans mean both American as an adjective and Americans and plural feminine should both answers not be correct?


Just have a look at "An_dz" comment few lines up there.


Se pensi che sono americane ma non le sono, probabilmente sono canadesi.


why not "I am not American"?


That would be Non sono americano?


At normal speed he definitely says americani.

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