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  5. "Давай купим огромный торт!"

"Давай купим огромный торт!"

Translation:Let's buy a huge cake!

November 14, 2015



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We don't say "a enormous cake," but rather "an enormous cake," as "enormous" begins with a vowel. Marked wrong. К сожалению, Duolingo has several of these errors here and there.


Report it and they'll fix it. The course is still in beta, of course there are a lot of errors still.


Reported. We'll see what happens.


Why not "Let's buy the huge cake!" as if there were cakes of many sizes, but we just wanted to buy the big one.


Can somebody please explain why it is давай купим instead of покупим, when in a similar sentence it was давай посмотрим телевизор? How do I decide if it should be perfective? Are both correct and the difference is whether I'm interested in the result or the process?


There is no universal rule as to how to form perfective verbs from impefective ones or vice versa. You need to memorize for each word whether it's perfective or imperfective. Usually the one with the prefix is the perfective, but with the pair "купить"/"покупать" it's other way round.

They don't even necessarily come in pairs. You can form several perfective verbs using different prefixes to various effects (the prefixes work similar to English prepositions, changing the meaning of the verb), and then turn those into imperfective using a suffix.


The male voice clearl says "кУпим" and not "купИм" as I was taught.


ку́пим is the correct pronunciation. See https://en.m.wiktionary.org/wiki/купим.


Мы кУпим торт, а ты купИ сок


"Let's buy a large cake!" What is wrong with that?


It may be because огромный implies that it's larger than just large. Huge or enormous would be more appropriate descriptors.


I don't think it's enough of a challenge to translate the Russian then the same English sentence back to back

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