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"Kan du være snill å vise meg veien til legevakten?"

Translation:Could you please show me the way to the emergency room?

November 14, 2015



how can you hear the difference between "å" and "og"? i would say both sentences would make sense.. am i wrong?


You are not supposed to hear a difference between å and og, it is supposed to sound like "awe" (BrE). In certain areas they will say og with a hard g. But the same people will often say å like that too. (I think I heard an interview once where they could actually pinpoint which journalist that started it, some popular sports commentator or something.) Native Norwegian speakers will get this wrong a lot too.

Å is used when it is in front of a verb in infinitive and usually you will only need one. Og is for comparing, counting, attaching, and you can have several. fveldig just did this brilliant explanation in another post: "If the verbs are paired, you should use 'og', but if the verb is describing the next verb, you should use 'å'.Å prøve å lære å lese og skrive = "To try to learn to read and write."

In English this sentence does not have a verb in infinitive, but if you rewrite the phrase kan du være så snill å into "would be you kind enough to" you will find your missing infinitive marker:)


Aha I was wondering the same thing. Thanks for the nice answer.


sa den veldig høflig nordmann, dekket i blod.


For anyone learning British English from Norwegian, "legevakten" is called simply "A&E" in the UK – which is short for Accident and Emergency – and A&E is what you'll see on the road signs. Sometimes, in speech, you might also hear it called "Casualty" (a casualty = an accident victim), but that's quite old-fashioned now.


Just "A&E" not "the A&E".


why do we need an "å" before "vise"? I thought the infinitive marker "å" was understood after "kan" and "vil" and "skal" etc.?


Why is that være and not vær?


Because it is the infinitive and it belongs to the 'kan'. Kan du være = can you be

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