"a bowl of tea"

Translation:миска чая

November 14, 2015

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I can't vouch for English, but in Russian, "миска чая" is a very uncommon phrase. In fact, I don't remember ever hearing it.

The word "миска" (which basically means "bowl") is not very common when it comes to serving food. We tend to call soup bowls "глубокая тарелка" ("deep plate") or just "тарелка". And if it is a bowl of tea (does anyone say so in English?), I'd call it "чашка чая" (even though it does not look exactly like a cup).

I only say "миска" for bowls I use while cooking or for pets' bowls.


This is an uncommon phrase in English, also. I would only use it if I, for some reason, had a bowl full of tea. Usually, though, people put tea in cups or other drinkware.


I've only heard of cup of tea in English too.


Maybe in a japanese context?


Рюмка чая (a wineglass of tea) is more common ))


кстати, они же для детского голоса переделали ли рюмку водки в чашку чая:


но не в миску, конечно :))))


Yeah, I call it a cup in English even when it is a bowl of tea -- for example, Chinese tea cups look like bowls, but you still say "cup of tea."


If anyone can tell me, I thought чаю was more commonly used than чая ? Should it be accepted here ?

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