"Vi svettet i hendene mens vi ventet på resultatene."

Translation:We had sweaty hands while we were waiting for the results.

November 14, 2015

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why cant one say "we were sweating in the hands"? i got it wrong because i wrote "the" instead of "our"


English likes to use the possessives instead of the article, while Norwegian likes to do the opposite.


Ok I kinda understand that, but this course it's supposed to teach you Norwegian, not English... I mean that saying "in the hands" should also be correct.


i would say marking it wrong is teaching you Norwegian.

it's relying on you to remember that, while you could write 'i hendene våre', the possessive pronouns are omitted when speaking about body parts relating to the subject.

jeg pusser tennene (mine).

saying "i am brushing the teeth" has a completely different meaning in English than "i am brushing my teeth".


I did the same as Elena. It sounds far more natural in English to say "in the hands" than "in our hands" and most natural of all to say "our hands were sweating while..." but elsewhere in this thing you get into trouble if you deviate too much from the Norwegian syntax. English teacher and editor here giving 2c.


In the US, at least, you won't hear anyone say we were sweaty in the hands or we were sweaty in our hands. You'll hear we had sweaty hands. The person who pointed out that we are learning Norwegian, not English, is right; however, this is an English to Norwegian course. For whatever language you translate into another, it can't always be one to one translations because it wouldn't always make sense or it would sound weird at best unless you use the most common expressions in the target language. Same thing going from English to Norwegian. It would sound ridiculous to a Norwegian if you translate a lot of English expressions verbatim into Norwegian.


Can we not say, "while we awaited the results"?


Yes, now you can.


Why is "while we waited for the results" not correct?


... while we waited for the results is accepted. :0)


am I the only one that says "sweated from our hands?


I wrote: "we sweated in the hands while we waited for the results." Shouldn't this be accepted? Duolingo is rarely clear as to whether we should translate things idiomatically or literally. I think either way should be accepted.

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