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  5. "горячая вода"

"горячая вода"

Translation:hot water

November 14, 2015



Is it just me, or is the sound really, really off?


The intonation is odd. The pronunciations, though, are true to how the words actually sound.


I had no idea what it was saying, either, but the whole unaccented-syllables-turning-into-mumbles is still strange to me.


In America, the English phrase "you're in hot water" is an idiom meaning you are in trouble ... usually because you did something bad and got caught. Is this phrase ever used that way by Russians?


is there a difference between горя́чий and жа́ркий? Are they interchangeable?


Горячий is used to talk about hot objects, whereas жаркий is used to talk about weather or environment (i.e. how air temperature feels).They are not interchangeable.


why was this in the hard ending "ая" for the feminine adjective for water, but earlier with молоко it took the soft ending for neuter adjective (горячее)? Why wouldn't they both be soft or both be hard?


Hushes require you to be careful, since they were all once soft, and this is still (somewhat) reflected in their spelling (namely, the choice of a letter is conventional, because pronunciation won't change anyway).

They are always used with А, У, И and never with Я, Ю, Ы. Otherwise, the pattern is similar to that of a soft-stem adjective, with forms being spelt хороший, хорошая, хорошее, хорошие, хорошего, хорошей, хороших, хорошую, хорошем, хорошими etc.


Is it my impression, or the ending аЯ sounds like an "e"? Or is it the TTS' fault?


Actually it sounds like Гарячиа вада - Garyachia vada. It's the usual pronunciation of Russian vowel sounds. But Водка is Vodka, not Vadka.


I noticed that too, especially when listening to individual words


What does тепло mean? Could it be translated as warm- not as hot as горячая?


Yes, it would be тёплая вода.


Can this have the same meaning as in English, where being in hot water means you are about to receive retribution for your evil deeds?


Further up in the discussion Shady said it's not an idiom in Russia.


To me, there's something off on that adjectivial accent. Are the final two vowels supposed to sound like an unaccented "ee" or "ih" ?


The pitch sunndely jumping up is off. The ending sounds fairly normal. It is a somewhat elongated vowel like "i" in "bit" with a shade of "e" in "red".


No I'd say it's more like gahriAcheeya (ee is short here)


Why is -ая sometimes pronounced as aya and sometimes as just a/e?


It's just the quality of the TTS and the audio. If we talk about real speech, "я" is not supposed to be silent, but how audible it is depends on the manner of speaking of an individual person. Sometimes it's very subtle and hard to discern for an untrained ear.


For coffee it is used горячий and for water, it is горячая. Why?


горячий is an adjective; it matches its form to the number/gender and case of the noun you attach it to.


And what about горячая?


горячая is the form for feminine nouns.

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