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  5. "Jeg leser en utrolig bok."

"Jeg leser en utrolig bok."

Translation:I am reading an incredible book.

November 14, 2015



For clarity, can this be used, as in english, to mean both 'something that is hard to believe' and 'something that is excellent?'

tussen takk


Yes, but tending towards "hard to believe". It literally translates to unbelievable. If i meant excellent I would usually say "utrolig bra bok" (incredibly/unbelievably good book) or something to that effect.

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It would be more common to use 'utrolig' as an adverb and say "utrolig [bra/god] bok" instead, but I'd think the book would likely be excellent if someone told me the above sentence.


Can utrolig be used in Norwegian as a sort of exasperated insult? In american english, if someone has done something really stupid, rude, betrayed you, or etc then you might yell at them and say "You're unbelievable!" Does utrolig carry a similar meaning, or is there another word for that. Tusen takk

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I wouldn't use "Du er utrolig!" in anything but a positive sense (without an added adjective), but the similar "Du er ikke til å tro!" works.


Thanks for the reply :) I realize you're probably suuuuuuuuuuuuuper busy, what with moderating and life in general, so it means a lot that you responded so quickly :)

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Happy to help! :)


Shouldnt this be, jeg leser "ei" utrolig bok?


For feminine words, you can use both masculine and feminine versions. You just have to learn which one is more common and sounds better on a word-to-word basis. "Ei" would also be correct, though.


It would accept 'I am reading 1 fantastic book' but not 'I am reading one fantastic book'. Is that just reading it wrong? (It suggested 'I am reading one amazing book' when I typed in the incorrect answer.)


So I assume "trolig" means credible, believable?

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