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Finished my Danish Tree!

Just proud of myself for learning the language of my great-grandparents. Thought I would share my accomplishment. Hope to go to Denmark one day and use this stuff outside of the internets.

November 14, 2015



Congratulations! I know this is quite an achievement as I am finally getting very close to the end myself! It's a fun language and I still giggle at the weird pronunciation of some of the words. I can't wait to finish the last couple skills.


Favorite phrase, "Heldig kartoffel" :


Tillykke! Du har gjort et flot stykke arbejde.


Stor tilykke scottymuse!

Jeg har lige afsluttet træet flere dage siden også.. Jeg føler meget glad :) Elsker sproget! I want to do some practice in Danish to maintain my level (and to improve would be great), would you like to chat på dansk sometimes with me?


Hej, i actually speak German and am learning Danish right now, and i'd be glad to having someone to chat to på dansk :)


That's great! I would be glad to chat with you :) how to find you on web?


I just added you on fb :)


congratulations! Did you think Danish difficult to learn?


Thank you! It didn't seem horrible, only took a 289 day streak to finish the tree. :) I feel pretty comfortable reading it with google translate open for the odd word here and there, but I really feel my pronunciation need a lot of work.

The only other language I've ever learned, besides my native English, was Spanish, which was quite a different experience, just because fairly suddenly I was living in Spain. Picked that one up much quicker out of necessity. Hard to compare the two. Spanish is easier as far as pronunciation, but grammatically it seems much more distant from English. Danish feels a bit more natural to me in that regard. It's fun though.


thank you for the comment. I wish I could learn Danish, but it semms to hard to learn it. :(

[deactivated user]

    You are on 20th level in French and you say Danish seems hard to learn?! Haha, jokes aside, I personally think I am very good at learning languages and never really had any major problem with any language I tried to learn - except for French. I gave up on it when I was on level 9. So, if you are actually interested in Danish but hesitate to give it a try because you think it seems difficult, I think you should just go for it. It's probably not as hard as you believe it to be. :)


    Yeah, I have saw a few Danish's words and they seem similar to English's words. I will give a try next month.


    Haha! French seems easy to me because this language is so grammatically close the portuguese. Well, I love Danish flag, Danish anthem, Hamlet (A william Shakespeare's drama), I have watched a brazilian tv show about this country and I fell in love with Denmark.

    [deactivated user]

      Yes, of course that must be a reason too. My language (Turkish) is pretty much related to no language that I am learning, neither grammatically or in terms of vocabulary, haha. So I usually use my English abilities when learning other languages. It was the same for Danish. You seem to speak perfect English and if you give Danish a try, you will see how similar they actually are, maybe besides pronounciation. :)


      Tillykke med det! :)


      Tillykke! Det ønsker jeg også at gøre :)


      Hi everyone,I am learning danish and I would like to have someone to talk to in danish.I am still a beginner though,and since I am brazilian ,I can help with portuguese !


      You guys are all awesome! Thanks for all the nice things you said!

      Unfortunately I'm not the most social person online, so talking with me for practice probably isn't ideal. You should all check out the Danish Duolingo Slack group though! There are a lot of people in there, lots of discussions in Danish and English about any topic you'd want. This discussion has details on joining:


      Again, Thank you!


      How much time did it take?


      YMMV but it took me about 10 months. I really tried to balance learning new stuff and reviewing old stuff. Even now that I'm done when I take the progress quiz I'm just scoring over 2/5, which needs a lot of improvement. Just goes to show finishing the tree doesn't mean you know it. :)

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