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"Det var altså du som spiste hele anden?"

Translation:It was you, then, who ate the whole duck?

November 15, 2015



This is one of those sentences that scores 10/10 for relevance!


But what if you replaced the last part of the sentence with hele kaken or hele sjokoladen? Still not relevant at all?


Perhaps the sarcasm didn't convey in text, but I meant for my comment to be taken just about as seriously as the sentence itself. I'll add an exclamation mark for you.


I did get your sarcasm, I just did not find it well placed since these seemingly ridiculous sentences do in fact show you how you can build a lot of more everyday expressions.


Eller hele kyllingen?


I will probably never have to speak it, but I'm sure I'll hear it one of these days. And when that day comes, instead of searching for the words to respond, I can confidently say, "Jeg angrer på ingenting."


How can Altså be used, in both formal and informal context?


So it was you who ate the entire duck? Why is this not correct?


Your translation is accepted. If you're sure there were no spelling mistakes or other errors, it was likely a grading bug. If you encounter something similar in the future, please take a screenshot to submit with a bug report, here:

You can find this option on the desktop version on your homepage, here:


Thank you for your answer. When I click on help however I don't get that option...


After you click Help, you have to scroll down to Reporting Issues. One of the options in that list is How do I report a bug. Click that one for instructions and the link to report it.


When I click on help the program takes me to my account settings. I have to click on help a second time to get me to the page you are talking about. Stil I don't understand why I have to do it this way, because I read there is an option for reporting not accepted translations and that was my problem. I find it very difficult to find out how I can send a screenshot and sumbit a report. That takes a course in itself as far as I'm concerned. In the future I'll just leave it be. Thanks anyway.


The only clue left behind was a mysterious pair of pants.


I hear 'også' instead of 'altså'

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