"Мы здесь не ходим."

Translation:We do not walk here.

November 15, 2015



Then how did we get "here"? (Especially if we think of ходить as "to go"…)

November 15, 2015

[deactivated user]

    «Here» is «зде́сь».

    «Ходи́ть» is an iterative verb, it means going/walking somewhere several times (unlike «идти́»).

    November 15, 2015


    So? The point is that the sentence is self contradictory.

    November 15, 2015

    [deactivated user]

      «Здесь» doesn't neccessarily mean 'this exact place I stand in', e.g. you can show at the door and it would mean you don't usually go through the door.

      November 15, 2015


      No, you'd use "there" for that.

      November 16, 2015

      [deactivated user]

        Probably the situation is like with «э́тот» and «тот». Both Russian and English has a pair of words (этот vs тот and this vs. that; здесь vs там and here vs there), but Russian seems to use этот and здесь in much more often than English does.

        November 24, 2015


        So, if anything, this would be a case in which Russian uses the word that would usually be equivalent to "here", in a way that English requires "there". That's what we're saying. Go + here makes no sense in English.

        August 16, 2018


        I think that the best translation is "We do not walk here".

        March 9, 2016


        Perhaps imagine a shady or scary place, street, pub whatever. You are there right now, but you stress that you do not usually go there.

        Or you are at some school, you are there, but you do not actually attend the school.

        Something like that I guess.

        March 13, 2016


        I point at part of a map. "We don't go here."

        It's an interesting dilemma, literal translation (here) versus practical translation (there). I think for this course, it may be better to err on the literal side, unless the English is total nonsense.

        March 20, 2017


        ... which is the case in this sentence.

        August 16, 2018


        I thought in these cases ( with direction instead of location ) we use 'куда' and 'туда'. Isn't it so? Мы туда / сюда не ходим.

        November 14, 2016

        [deactivated user]

          Both work, since both 'we don't walk in this place' (location) and 'we don't walk to this place' (direction) are possible meanings.

          November 22, 2016


          I see, I should have thought about it in the first place. :) Thanks nevertheless.

          November 30, 2016


          We drove. rode the train, swam, parachuted from an airplane....

          November 24, 2015


          That's past tense. е́здить is the verb for going by transport

          November 25, 2018


          Maybe you could say this if you were visiting a place, but do not habitually go there on your own?

          January 6, 2016


          In this case, I would likely say "We do not come here (often)" (not "We do not go here").

          January 20, 2016


          But duolingo would not accept my "We do not come here".

          September 20, 2016


          This surprised me also. I think it is correct.

          November 20, 2016


          By taxi

          May 24, 2018


          Does anyone else think of Ravenholm when they hear this phrase, or is it just me (there's a з; Half-Life 3 confirmed!)?

          October 31, 2016


          Not сюда eh

          March 12, 2016


          we don't go there or we don't come here

          August 4, 2017


          Yes. Wrong verb in English.

          November 25, 2018


          A group of people looking at a map, "we go here" (points to the map) "we dont go here". We dont go here was accepted when i offered it as an answer.

          November 2, 2017


          Does this mean that we don't walk TO this place, or that WHILE at this place, we do not walk? Or could it be either?

          September 8, 2018


          Can one say come instead of go? Or is come reserved for another Russian verb? Come would make more sense in English. "Don't go here" might be formally correct as translation here but it is awkward in English.

          December 23, 2018
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