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  5. "Тут нет белой чашки."

"Тут нет белой чашки."

Translation:There is no white cup here.

November 15, 2015



"Чашка" is in the genitive here so it's "Чашки". If you were talking about multiple cups, then you would use "Чашек". Hope this helps :)


The audio at normal speed sounds correct, but the last word in the audio at slow speed sounds like "chaski" rather than "chashki".


Woah, hold up, I got this sentence on mobile with a "buils the sentence word by word" format and I had to write "The white cup is not here." But at the top of this discussion it says "There is no white cup here." Everything I have learned in Russian so far has told me that these must be different constructions with different word order, but now it says either is correct?


I think that "the white cup is not here" would be "белой чашки тут нет" and "there is no white cup here" is "Тут нет белой чашки", as the word order in Russian plays a role in the meaning. First part of the sentence contains the info you already have, last part is the unknown/new info.


I said "there are no white cups here" and it was marked wrong...I reported this.


Sorry, it is wrong. There's only one white cup: чашка (singular feminine noun) is in the genitive case here, because of the negation - there is no cup: нет чашки


I wrote "Here there is no white cup" and it was rejected. Come on.


there is no white cup here - there are no white cups here. Do these sentences have any real differences? I translated the meaning and thought the second one sounded better, but was faulted


Why is белой in that case? Isnt it modifying чашки which is feminine? Arent thing that end in й usually the masculine (aside from ей)?

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