"I want to live!"

Translation:Я хочу жить!

November 15, 2015



This reminds me of Duolingo's famous "Yo había muerto" from their Spanish module.

November 15, 2015


That's a positively useful sentence compared to 'jag är Döden' ('I am Death') in the Swedish course.

December 5, 2015


Or is it the single most useful sentence ever?

February 3, 2016


I just want to say, a bit late perhaps, that "Jag är döden" comes from a famous Swedish film called The Seventh Seal (Det Sjunde Inseglet). A movie about the plague when it came to Sweden and you get to see the main character in the opening minutes sitting on a beach when a man comes up. I do not remember the proper dialog but something like this: "Who are you?!" "I am death" "have you come to fetch me?" "I have long walked by your side".

As I said, the movie is The Seventh Seal and it's directed by Ingmar Bergman. I love that movie.

June 16, 2017


Thank you for that! I have long wondered whether this sentence came from anywhere; I didn't think it was very likely that it was a reference to some Swedish version of Holst's Savitri ('Savitri! I am Death. I am the law that no man breaketh, I am he who leadeth men onward, I am the road that each must travel, I am the gate that opens for all...')—but that was all I could ever think of, given quite how many times he sings 'I am Death' throughout the opera...

June 17, 2017


It is the title of a 1956 movie starring Susan Hayward

June 8, 2018


Keep fighting, Duolingo lady!

April 25, 2016


i wouldn't rate your chances in duolingo world. lions, refrigerators... death lurks everywhere!

May 23, 2016


Useful sentence when you meet russian mafia.

April 29, 2017


Nico Robin :')

May 14, 2016


"Soup lives!" Couldn't help but laugh at one of the wrong answers...

October 26, 2016


(jedi mind trick) No no no, You want to die!

March 13, 2017


И я не хочу жить.

March 14, 2017


You must have meant "А я не хочу жить"? The conjunction и implies that you agree with the statement "Я не хочу жить" — i.e. what you wrote means "I don’t want to live either", while to contrast "Я хочу жить" you need to use а.

March 17, 2017


Oh, thank you so much!

March 17, 2017


When you are secretly asking for help and people correct your grammar

February 9, 2019


Why not "Я хочу живу"?

December 8, 2015


"To live" must be in the infinitive. Only the auxiliary verb хотеть is conjugated.

December 8, 2015


жить is an object here basically, so it is not conjugated

December 11, 2015


I don't understand it's grammar, , please help :'(

June 1, 2016


Я = first person singular personal pronoun, "I" хочу = first person singular conjugation of хотеть, "to want" жить = infinitive of the verb, "to live" P.S. You should have said "its grammar" ("its" without the apostrophe = possessive; "it's" = "it is" or sometimes "it has"). :-)

June 1, 2016


it was a typo)) LOL ... but thankyou! for the Russian explanation.

June 6, 2016


Can you say this if you want to emphasize that you want to have a good time? Such as if you're bored and want to get out and party on the Moscow town?

March 17, 2017


It’s not totally impossible, yes.

March 17, 2017


This will be useful, if ever held at gunpoint by ultranationalist Russian terrorists

September 5, 2017


There's also a bumper sticker I've seen that this reminds me of. You know those ones that say, "Baby on board," like you're supposed to drive extra-carefully because of their damn baby? Well, I saw one a few years back that said, "Adults on board. We want to live too!" Cracked me up.

April 17, 2019


Yeah all that grammar mumbo jumbo... i just dont conjugate once ive conjugated to я Untill there is a new subject like я хочу думать но она думает слишком много по моему. That probably makes no sense but 6 months of russian emersion then 6 months of drinking heavily....

September 2, 2016


What's the difference between хочу and хочет?

February 6, 2018


хочу = I want хочет = he/she/it wants

February 13, 2019


i don't

February 7, 2018


Don't give up, rei5yen! Here, have a lingot! Or ten.

June 9, 2018


...but you just take more than you give

December 8, 2018


When you miss your daily lesson on Duolingo.

April 12, 2019


This one resonates. I nearly died in 2016 and was saved only by an emergency operation which was by no means guaranteed to work. When you've been close enough to death's door to inspect the varnish, you really get to appreciate life. :-)

April 17, 2019


When you've been close enough to death's door to inspect the varnish

Does it ᴅᴏ ᴇxᴀᴄᴛʟʏ ᴡʜᴀᴛ ɪᴛ sᴀʏs ᴏɴ ᴛʜᴇ ᴛɪɴ?

April 18, 2019


Heh. :-)

April 18, 2019
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