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  5. "Волк пьёт молоко."

"Волк пьёт молоко."

Translation:The wolf is drinking milk.

November 15, 2015



Why is "wolf drinks milk" wrong? I can totally imagine it as a newspaper headline (though admittedly, not a very exciting one)


Newspaper headlines aren't generally expected to be exactly grammatically correct. In normal circumstances, I don't think "wolf drinks milk" is good English.


You are right, it must be Wolves drink milk, and this would be in general speaking


You need the article (a/the) before it.


I like your comment. I gave you a lingot. It'd be nice if they found a way to incorporate the flexibility of English, which appears, in song titles, book titles, news headlines etc. This course is for learning Russian not English grammar, but at the same time it keeps us on our grammatical P's & Q's.


There's also the fact that in English, "Wolf" can be a given name, e.g. Wolf Blitzer, but on Russian news sites his name is of course spelled phonetically - Вольф Блицер, or less commonly Волф Блицер. I have found a handful of internet users calling him "Волк Блицер" instead. :D


Why is the English translation "The wolf drinks the milk" incorrect? I added a "the" before milk, and duolingo marks it as incorrect.


It should be correct. Report it!


I think that for emphasising the milk you could say "молоко волк пёот", but not sure.


In Germany, "volk" means people; in Rossiya, "volk" means wolf. Hehe!


Yeah but you read it like "folk", and that word exists in English, with roughly the same meaning. You say wolf in German, which has the same root as volk


never learn biology with duolingo


Fascinating :) wolf<-->wolk :D In Serbian you say "wuk", which corresponds to the pronunciation


The English 'w' doesn't sound the same, to us this sounds like volk.


True-and that's how it's pronounced!


Things like that are very interesting. I suggest you take a look at Indo-European roots.


I was typing this into my notes, and пьёт turned up as a typo. I did some searching and it appears the correct way to spell 'drinking' in this sentence is пьет. Are there two spellings of the word?


I feel like i might use this sentence in russia some day lol


Волк пьёт молоко before or after eating the человек?


How do you say then that 'Wolves (in general) drink milk.'?


Вóлки пьют молокó.


Isn't that the slightly different "-The- wolves drink milk' (a very particular set of wolves)" Or does the Russian mean both of those different English things?


It can mean either one.


I would go for a "эти волки пьют молоко" for a particular pack of wolves.


Why do the Russians have the most badass-sounding animal names?


I've seenпьет in some places and пьёт in others. Which is right?


Пьёт is correct, and it is pronounced as "p'yot". You can write "пьет", because there is no word prounonced as "p'yet", and educated Russian will understand what do you mean. But it is better to write "пьёт" for a student.


Where does the milk come from?;-)


It shouldnt penalise me for not using the preposition "the"...


Hi friend, the is actually an article, not a preposition, and it is pretty frequently required in English. Hard to tell quite where the problem was that you ran into. There is one place in this sentence where I 100% expect to see the, and one place where I could see it not being used.

  • The wolf is drinking milk. (100% required where bolded in this sentence.)
  • The wolf is drinking the milk. (I could see it not being used where bolded.)

Did you use a wolf instead?

  • A wolf is drinking milk. (This is ok too - talking about a non-specific wolf. It is not necessarily possible without context to tell if the Russian sentence is being specific to a / the. I'd lean toward this being the wolf, but I'm not going to be dogmatic on this.)
  • A wolf is drinking the milk. (Also ok.)

So you can only leave off the in front of "milk," and if you leave the off in front of "wolf," you must replace it with a.


Why would a wolf need to be drinking milk


Wolves are mammals (drink milk, have fur or hair).


Why isnt the wolf drinks the milk correct


I wrote the wolf's drinking milk, and it's wrong lol

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