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Здесь и вот


Please can somebody help to explain to me the difference between these two words? They seem to both "translate" in English as "here" but have slightly different uses. Is there a rule for when to use one and not the other? I have established that using them both together (i.e. "вот Здесь") creates the English phrase "over here".

Thank you

November 15, 2015



Вот is associated with a pointing gesture and is used in "Here is ..." / "Here are..." sentences when you are showing something to someone.

Здесь (also тут) is literally "here", while там is "there"


I'm still slightly confused.

So вот is like Drew Carey and The Price is Right models gesturing towards and saying "Here's your new car!..." (the price is right is a game show)

And здесь is saying "here I am" "we're here(we've arrived)" ?

If I said "come down here" I would use здесь?


Ah yes, that clears it up perfectly! Thank you so much for responding so quickly.


Thanks! This was confusing me so much.

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