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  5. "Она никогда не пьёт кофе."

"Она никогда не пьёт кофе."

Translation:She never drinks coffee.

November 15, 2015



Which makes her a heathen.


If "никогда" means never, than what is the "не" for?


Russian uses double negation, so literally this translates as “She doesn't never drink coffee.” It would be wrong to say just «Она никогда пьёт кофе.»


This is very confusing. In your literal translation, it means she does drink coffee.. Am i just supposed to accept this as a rule? The rule being, "никогда" with "нe" means never?


Yes, that’s the point of double negation.

Moreover, in a sentence like "She never tells anything to anyone" the negation spreads to basically everything that can be negated: "Она никогда никому ничего не говорит."


It's confusing from the standpoint that we don't use double negation in English, because it doesn't make any sense. But look at it this way, when you finish a word with "я", you then have to keep that same form throughout. This is no different.


i know that russian uses double negation, but does that mean that there is no way to translate a sentence like, "She's never not drinking coffee." to russian??


I'm interested in this as well. Would it require TRIPLE negation or would you have to settle for saying the equivalent of "she never stops drinking coffee"?


"She doesn't drink coffee ever" is a valid English sentence construction.


Yes, but that's not a valid translation of this sentence. The emphasis falls much more heavily on "ever" in the sentence you provided.


I heard and typed Анна rather than она. If it had been Анна, would the rest of the sentence still be correct as is?


Yes, it would.
If you have trouble distinguishing "Анна" and "она", pay attention to the stress. Анна is stressed on the first syllable, она on the second.


Shouldnt it be " she never drinks coffee"


She doesn't drink coffee ever - should also be considered correct, i think.


Would it not be in english: she does'n't drink coffee ever....? (The word ever at the end of the sentence)


The speaker sounds like she saying Ann and Dan puke coffee.

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