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Bот or здись?

When should we use both together and when should we use them separately in sentence?

thank you :)

November 15, 2015



You use "вот" for pointing for a certain thing (i.e. "Here is your hat" - "Вот твоя шапка"). "Здесь" means "here" like some place (i.e. "Here I was born" - "Здесь я родился"). "Вот здесь" is using for a certain place. For example, you can point at building and say "I was studying here" - "Вот здесь я учился". Or you can point at some spot and say "I left my bag here" - "Я оставил свою сумку вот здесь". It means that you showing or pointing on this exact place at the moment of speaking. Also, it is a way to attract someone's attention to something. "Здесь" is about some place and translation will be "here" (we also have "там", but it translated as there), "Вот" used for pointing out. If you don't showing exact place, but, for example, something in your hand, you use "Вот" - ("This is your pen" - "Вот твоя ручка", "This is a building in which I was studying" - "Вот здание, в котором я учился") I am a native speaker, so please ask, if you didn't get something. I never explain our language to foreigners. And sorry for any mistakes.

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