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New Duolingo app Problematic

I realise that using a jailbreaked device means I am not strictly supported, but there is an issue that seems to me to be trivial to rectify. I have a first gen ipad and have disabled all nonessential services, including push notifications to squeeze maximum speed and responsiveness form such old hardware (read that it makes the device usable on iOS5).

The previous Duolingo app would give me an alert regarding push notifications whenever I opened it and then after dismissing the alert I would be left to use the app in peace. Now with the new app version it is constantly alerting me re the push notifications and the app is no longer usable. Yes, I know that is I reinstall the OS and don not disable push that my problem will be solved but I am travelling and reinstalling is not a trivial operation for several reasons.

Would it be possible that this can be rectified in an update (why does the app need to constantly poll for push state to begin with)?

January 8, 2013


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