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  5. "Eles comem pão."

"Eles comem pão."

Translation:They eat bread.

November 25, 2013



Hey, anyone know when to use comemos vs. come/como?


Comemos=we eat, come = he/she/you eat(s), eu como= I eat


well when to use come is when you are talking about someone else for example ela come pao and when you talk about your self you would say Eu como pao also when you are talking about a group that you are in you would say Nos comemos pao and finally when you are talking about a group of people that you are not in you would say Eles comem pao


Hey Harry, I'm new to this as well, but I believe it is as follows: eu  como, você  comes, ele/ela  come, nós  comemos, eles/elas comem.


"você comes" is wrong:

  • tu comes
  • você come


Am I the only one who has difficulty seeing the accents? I wish they were a little bigger.


Are you on a phone? Maybe the fonts used by your browser?

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