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"Salı günü ben tavuk yiyeceğim."

Translation:On Tuesday I am going to eat chicken.

November 15, 2015


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"Tuesday, I will eat chicken" wasn't accepted. So, "Salı günü ben tavuk yiyeceğim." means "From now on, I will be eating chicken on tuesdays", right, not "I'll be eating chicken next tuesday"?


why is "gunu" added to "sali" .. doesn't "sali" om its own means tuesday?? whats the importance of "gunu" here? or it seems better for native ears? 'sorry for the typos i don't have a turkish keyboard'


Maybe this is because the days' names can also mean other things, like 'pazar' = 'market'.


How do I know if I should translate as going to... or will if Turkish sentence says yiyeceğim? The wrong answer with 'will' puzzles me.


And again, why not will eat?


I hear something like "yicem" instead of yiyeceğim. I mean I can't hear all letters and I wonder if with practice I will be able to hear to all letters or actually it is common in speaking to pronounce less letters. Anyway, thank you for offering us this amazing course!

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