"Meine Enkelin hat vier Katzen."

Translation:My granddaughter has four cats.

November 15, 2015

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Huh what a word, enkelin. Enkeli means angel in Finnish. Ă„ngel is angel in Swedish. But Enkelin is granddaughter in German? Little angel perhaps?


Angel in German is Engel -- similar to the Swedish word. It's Finnish which turned the -g- into -k-.

Enkel is related to Ahn "ancestor" -- it's literally a "little ancestor". (But only in origin. Today's speakers will not make that connection.)


does it matter is you put a number instead of the word?


Yes - Duo wants to test that you know the number words.

Writing it in digits is "cheating" :)


I would say it depends on which language. If you are a native English speaker, 11 is accepted for "elf". But if you are learning German, the number should be written out, because as mizinamo states, Duo wants you to learn how to write numbers in the target languge. Eg. "I have eleven apples" should be written "Ich habe elf Aepfel.".


Shouldn't it be ''My granddaughter HAD four cats?" Hat is perfect tense. I am confused.


Hat is perfect tense.

No, it isn't; it's present tense.

Perfect tense would be hat gehabt.

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