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  5. "Я жила в России и Украине."

"Я жила в России и Украине."

Translation:I lived in Russia and Ukraine.

November 15, 2015



"I has lived in..." is currently an offered "correct solution".

This doesn't make sense in English; it needs "I have lived in..." (if not "I lived in...", "I was living in...", etc).

"I has..." works only for Lolcatz.

(additionally I'd argue that "...in Russia and in Ukraine", as I wrote, could stand to be added, but that's another matter, and more trivial than the above).

Reported both, in any case.


Fixed. Sorry for typos.


I think "I have lived in" is still better than "I lived in", and should be the main translation.


Is there a problem with "I was living in Russia and Ukraine" ? DL marks it wrong.


Use of the definite article only works when the area in question is part of something bigger....that is it is a region. It doesn't work for a country.

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