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  5. "Neden buraya oturdunuz?"

"Neden buraya oturdunuz?"

Translation:Why did you sit here?

November 15, 2015



Just out of interest, would "Neden burada oturdunuz" be valid as well?


Yep, but it has a slightly different meaning (that doesn't show up in the English).


I am also interested in the explanation. I have a guess but would like to have it confirmed: burada -> sit as in "why have you been sitting here", buraya -> sit as in "why did you seat yourself here?"

If that is correct, I think the (one) correct translation of "Neden buraya oturdunuz?" could be "Why did you seat yourself/yourselves here?"


I think in the meantime I have learned enough Turkish to answer my own question :) The nuance between accusative & dative case is:

1) Neden burada oturdunuz -> Why were you sitting here?

2) Neden buraya oturdunuz -> Why did you sit (down) here?

I did not translate the tense correctly, in order to make the difference in meaning clear. The correct translation in both cases is "Why did you sit here?"


Is this similar to the difference between: "Why were you sat there?" and "Why did you sit there?"


Yes. The "locative" ending "buraDA" indicates a stationary state (someone currently sitting there), while the dative case indicates a movement toward something (someone in the process of sitting down somewhere)

I just found that the wikipedia page on Turkish grammar seems to be very good.. Never spotted this until today: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Turkish_grammar#Case


So does the buraya give a sense of movement? I.e. "why did you (come over and) sit here?"


So if "Neden buraya oturdunuz?" means "Why did you sit down here?", and "oturmak" besides "to sit"/"sit down" also can mean "to live (somewhere)", can it also mean to "move (somewhere to live there)" or "settle somewhere" if coupled with the dative form "buraya"?


No. Your question is valid, but "oturmak" only means to live somewhere in combination with the -dA ending. To talk about moving somewhere you have to use taşınmak.


Yes, what is the difference between bureya and burada?


@blainluckyk, burada has the locative ending -da, where buraya has the dative ending -(y)a. It's a distinction like German hier/her, Esperanto ĉi tie/ĉi tien, archaic English here/hither, etc. The confusing part is why this sentence uses the dative; it doesn't show movement toward something but a location.


@Keith_Bowes: Actually, the "movement toward something" is in this case indicated by the dative case. I have added an explanation to my own question from 2 years ago, above.


Shouldn't this also mean "Why did you live here?"?


No, that only works with the locative case: "Neden buraDa oturdunuz?"

The dative case would literally translate to "Why did you live to here?" which of course does not make sense.

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