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DuoLingo Visits?

Hey Guys,

Do you ever do onsite office visits? I'm originally from Pittsburgh and would be curious to do a tour the next time I'm in town.

Karl O

November 15, 2015



People have visited before. I'm not sure if they give tours specifically. But you can stop by and have a look.


So who can I contact to set up a visit? Also, where is the office located?


The office is located here 5533 Walnut Street. Pittsburgh, Pa. I've only ever sent a package there so I'm not sure of any numbers to call. You might just drop in though. EDIT: Here is some more information about DL HQ https://www.quora.com/Where-is-the-Duolingo-office

EDIT2 so for some reason I have to make an account with quara to view that information. Just a heads up. :P

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