"Анна, это Тим."

Translation:Anna, this is Tim.

November 15, 2015

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Can someone explain е vs э to me?


"э" sounds like ue in "que" (in Spanish) or like A in Accent, Advanced, Allow.

and E sounds like ye in yellow (English) for example vecher вечер (evening), leto лето (summer)


Actually, "e" is read "ye", but "э" is read like "e" in example or like "a" in apple, for example! :D Russians have:

я = "ya" е = "ye" ё = "yo" ю = "yu"

That "y" is used to "soften" the letter before, in some cases. That's why Russian is so difficult to people that speak non-Slavic languages.

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    e" is read "ye", but "э" is read like "e"

    However, the phoneme /e/ has two variants (allophones):

    • after soft consonants and /j/ (which is where «е» is usually written) a closer vowel variant is pronounced, more similar to Spanish e: [e]
    • after hard consonants, vowels and in the beginning of word (where «э» is usually written), a more open variant is pronounced, closer to A in Accent: [ɛ].

    This distinction is not important for Russian speakers, so we don't notice it, but it might be useful for foreigners. So what Vikipulka said is also true.

    It's just two different ways of analysing it.


    Sorry but е in вечер, лето does not sound like ye in yellow. Ye in yellow sounds like [йэ] and вечер, лето don't have a [й] sound before е.


    E could be like YE (yellow) in word ЕСТЬ E also could be more like eng A in word ВЕЧЕР


    So how does one pronounce зто? Duolingo says "eta" and google translate says "sto" or "stow" with a longer o sound. Duolingo speaking exercises recognise both pronunciations. I'm a native English speaker btw.


    in this example you're confunding "э" with "з"

    while the first has an "e" sound, the latter has a "z" sound


    Yes E is more (ye) and the э is more (e)


    Hmm, I think Ana should be accepted too! In Serbian, we say Ana, so I made a mistake, but anyway, it should be accepted at least as a typo!

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      While in Russian we often pronounce double and single consonants in the same way, this audio does pronounce «нн» longer than «н».


      Do it again and report it.


      why are we learning names


      I assume for the sake of learning the alphabet. We did this with my Russian classes as well.


      We want all words learn.

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        Why don't you introduce the alphabet before jumping to words???


        Why sometimes это is pronounced as "eta"?

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          It's always pronounced this way. In «это», э is the stressed syllable, and то is unstressed (we often mark this with an accent: э́то). Only stressed vowels are pronounced as written. Unstressed «о» sounds like «а».


          he is or this is or it's ?


          "Это" means he is/ this is ?


          Why is " Anna, it's Tim" wrong?


          Because anna it's tim is like saying anna it is me tim but anna this is tim is introducing tim to anna do you get it?


          How do I get Russian letters typed?


          So you would go into your keybord settings and then you would choose the russian keybord.


          I am typing the closest english letter equvilents. I tried to download a cyrillic keyboard on my phone, but the language choices are in cyrillic and i cant recognize which is russian. Anyone able to type russian in cyrillic for me?




          Speech is too fast to catch the tonal nuances.


          This is in russian is pronounced "eh-to" not "eh tah" like the dulingo prounciation, according to my native russian friend


          Once the Russian keyboard appears, I can no longer type in English. How do I get rid of it?


          Ive heard "chim" as "тим".true?

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            No, it's definitely not Чим to a Russian speaker's ear. We might pronounce soft t like a soft variant of Ц (in fact, in a closely-related Belarusian Тим is even spelled with Ц, Цім; this doesn't cause confusion because Ц is always hard in Russian), but not as Ч.


            Why Тим sound like "chim", i'm so confuse?


            Does anyone where i can get the keyboard


            anna this is tim im saying it but it say its worng


            In tagalog, we have the word "ito" which is basically the same as "это"


            Its too hard, I cannot awnser


            ₽усские есть?

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