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  5. "Директор уже здесь."

"Директор уже здесь."

Translation:The director is already here.

November 15, 2015



I guess being early to work is why he has no friends ;)


Hey, you can't always win at everything


I'll suggest that it should be accepted too, but I think boss is a fair translation as well.


Maybe. But in Russion business speech "босс" is used hardly ever. "Босс" is often used in the jargone.
(My native language is russian, so I'm sorry if I make mistakes in English :) )


Good point, but I feel very few people would say my director or CEO. In normal life I would say boss 90% of the time


I've meant "Босс" in Russion. ) I corrected my previous post.


A boss (in English) is a much wider category than a director or a CEO. Does the Russian word carry as wide a meaning?


how do you write the symbol on the end (ь) in duolingo? I think I have seen it expressed as an apostrophe ( ' ) before, but that was wrong when I typed it.


Yes, ( ' ) is right. But you should really be using Cyrillic. Not using it is a waste of time.


Pips_23 is right - learn to write in Cyrillic. I created a long comment discussing how to load and use the Russian Mnemonic Keyboard in Windows 10 at: https://www.duolingo.com/comment/27236556

There are many similar keystrokes between Cyrillic and Latin alphabets, so you don't have to start from an absolute beginning. For example, to type the Cyrillic "d" = д, your press the "d" key. Cyrillic "r" = р, you press the "r" key.

Of the 33 characters in the Russian Cyrillic alphabet, 19 of them correspond directly to English letters on the keyboard. That leaves just 14 new keystrokes you have to use.


I am able to now use my phones physical keyboard to type the Cyrillic! Only the 'c' key matches the latin's position; there are zero visual prompts; some of the keys require multiple presses to select the correct letter as there arent enough to contain the entire russian alphabet and I haven't even looked at a single keymapping diagram.

In short, i learnt how to use it so fast (starting with random guesses) because I made it a necessity for my brain and my brain acted accordingly.

Tldr: If you give yourself no o®her option, it'd take you less than a week to learn to type Russian on a computer keyboard.


Director is not boss,boss is началник.директор means the movie director


What do you base those definitions on?

A context search of both words shows that началник means "boss" or "chief", but that директор means about the same thing as it does in English: the head of some group who is charged with operation of the group's affairs or business. That would include a movie director, I suppose, although in English that's a specialized meaning for the word "director". директор also seems to mean "principal", which in English is the person in local charge of a school. ("Principal" has other meanings, but they are not well-translated by "director".)


What's transliteration of word 'here'?


Director you xan use manager as well


Please improve speech recongnition


Здесь means here, and уже means is so why not "The director is here"?


Уже is for already


The director is here already is the SAME as the director is already here!!!!!


I wrote Директо уже здесь and it was accepted. It should be wrong because of a missing letter.


I have been through all these questions once. I have been sent back to them after making a post. How do I get back to where I was?


My correct comments are not recognised


The manager is already here was not accepted. Why?

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