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  5. "На земле лежит собака."

"На земле лежит собака."

Translation:A dog is lying on the ground.

November 15, 2015



Duolingo Russian is apparently forcing me to re-learn the difference between "lay" and "lie" from back in high school...


I answered "The dog is lying on the ground". Would that only apply to "собака лежит На земле", because the subject appears first in that sentence? Or should my answer also have been accepted?


Yes, that would be "Собака лежит на земле".


Olimo, I had answered: The dog is lying on the ground. I was under the understanding that "dog" being the subject to place it in the beginning of the sentence when translated, which I did. So my question is did I get it wrong for using the word "the" instead of "a"? If so why? thanks for your time.


It's wrong, because how else is Duolingo going to shove adds down your throat if they don't fail you for things that you got right.


Should "The dog is lying on the floor." be accepted?


I don't think so. 'Floor' is пол. 'Ground' (земля) should be used here.


I said "A dog lies on the ground," and that seems to be incorrect. How would they differ in Russian?


The dog is on the ground didn't work, any idea why?


Actually, here 'is' in your sentence means that the dog is STANDING or PRESENT on the ground. It would be 'Собака - на земле'.


"The dog is lying on the ground." was also not accepted. That's simply an article change from "A" to "The". Is this a Duolingo omission or can we actually distinguish between which is which in this context?


"On the ground there is a dog" didn't work either... I don't think I have to use "lies"

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