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  5. "Да, я уже иду."

"Да, я уже иду."

Translation:Yes, I am already going.

November 15, 2015



FYI: In some context, "coming" seems to fit better than "going". This sentence can be used when someone is waiting for you at the door and asking, like: Where are you? We'll be late! And you answer from your room, hastily putting on your clothes: Да, я уже иду! Or just: Иду-иду! (Coming!)

The more direct translation of "come" - "приходить" - wouldn't sound natural here. You wouldn't say "Я уже прихожу".


Someone please add "Иду-иду!" as an exercise to this course!! It is a more memorable & useful phrase... So realistic. Thank you!


Excellent explanation!


Doesn't your back hurt from carrying the comment section of this course? Seriously I see you everywhere and your comments are always helpful.


Little input. Иду is when referring to leaving by walking. Еду woud be used if you are noving by transportation.


The new pronounciation of иду is wrong, isn't it? /Sept. 4 2018


The new female voice is very good but often mistakes stress like here. Annoying.


Yes, wrong. "Иду́" is correct


Is anyone else having trouble differentiating which syllables are stressed in some Russian words? Every time I hear у-ЖЕ it sounds like У-же to me, and че-ло-ВЕК sounds like че-ЛА-век, etc. I have no trouble hearing the reduced vowels; it just sounds like the wrong syllable is being stressed sometimes. I've never had trouble with this in other languages. Is it me? Is it the audio? I have to look up each new word on Wiktionary to make sure I'm stressing the correct syllable.


The thing is "I am already going" is an Awkward formation in English and while I can think of places it would be used they are not the places that match the usage discussed below.


I agree,I used, 'I'm on my way', which wasnt accepted.


Presumably because you omitted the "Yes" and the "already" (though I don't think it accepts "Yes, I am already on my way", either).


I think it sounds rather natural. I'm curious why you believe it sounds awkward?


Meaning is context. "Yes, I'm already going," in the context of attending class is natural but in that context it's synonymous with "yes, I already go" In the context of having decided to go to a party or event, is natural. But that's describing an event in the future so would be synonyms "Yes, I'm going." However "Yes, I'm already going." absent context or as described in olimo's post about some one waiting for you to catch up it doesn't work in English but does (apparently) in Russian. "I'm on my way," "Coming," or "I'm coming," do work for that concept structure in English.
This seems a case where the two languages map concepts slightly differently which is fine but for us to get a proper understanding of the Russian map we need for "Yes, on my way," to work.


I think it's a matter of perspective, and without further context either "I am coming" or "I am going" fit just fine. Anyway, was just curious to see what your thoughts on the matter were, thanks for your post.


Why is " Yes I am coming " not acceptable?


Missed the "уже" (already).


Why "yes, i already go" isnt correct?


В слове идУ ударение на У не учите неправильное произношение. делаА ударение на А


Diff between иди and иду?


Иди ("ee-dee") is the imperative of the verb идти. Like if you're giving the command or asking someone to go ("Go to the store", "Go outside!", etc.). It is second person singular (ты), for informal conversations. Иду ("ee-doo"), is the first person singular (я) conjugation, meaning "I am going", or "I go".


Yeah I'm going already is wrong?


No, it's not. "Already"belongs to the end. It seems to me DL has a problem with grammatically correct English. Perhaps they are overly focussed on English of a certain region


How do you pronounce "иду" ido or ilo?


"иду" sounds like "gone" in Portuguese


Pronunciation of иди is absolutely abysmal. It sounds like imo and that makes no sense at all


идУ but not Иду


This dude goes so quiet on the last word all the time!


идУ is correct not Иду


Why is "yes, I already go" incorrect? Is there some sort of verb tense subtlety I am missing here?


"I already go" as a response to a statement like "You should go to language classes" works, but it would require the multidirectional form of the verb (like, ya khozhu na uroki) as opposed to idu.


I am already going is proper grammar. Saying anything similar like that makes you sound strange.


Can this be used in a sexual context to express approaching an orgasm?


No, it is not analogous to the English phrase you might be thinking of.


Asked a native russian. Indeed the above does not apply for my case.

The verb 'кончать' is more appropriate for approaching orgasm.


Maybe you are doing it wrong


Shouldn't "yes, I am already going to" work? As in: Teacher: "Amelia, will you stop chewing gum?" Amelia: "Yes, I am already going to."


No. In English you use "will" or "be going to" to express simple future tense, but with your example, you would just use the Russian perfective verb by itself to express that, without will or be going to (or Amelia could be lazy and just say "schas" and it would be implied she's going to stop).


Иду- is going, as in to something and not leaving, as in away from, yes?


In this regard it's a rather general verb and it can be used to mean leaving or coming, it just depends on what the context is.


and why is "yes, I walk already" wrong? Usually "I walk" and "I am walking" are interchangeable, нет?


Except that "already" doesn't gel well with simple verb forms.

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