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  5. "Pigeons fly in the park."

"Pigeons fly in the park."

Translation:Голуби летают в парке.

November 15, 2015



летают в парке или "в парк"?!? предложный падеж?

[deactivated user]

    Right, «в па́рке» is the prepositional case form (i.e. «голуби летают в парке» means that inside the park, pigeons are flying), «в парк» is the accusative case form (i.e. «голуби летают в парк» means that the pigeons are entering the park as they fly).


    Голуби летят в парк = Pigeons are flying to the park

    "Голуби летают в парк" sounds really funny, as if they flew to the park to get some corn and then flew back again.

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