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  5. "Where are they now? At home."

"Where are they now? At home."

Translation:Де вони зараз? Вдома.

November 15, 2015


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Is it possible to say "удома" if it's after a consonant, or does it always have to be "вдома"?


I'd say удома even if these are two people talking and there was a long pause after the question so you don't care what was before - consonant or a vowel. In other words, just as a start of the sentence I'd prefer to start with a vowel, удома. But this is just me, I am not sure about "rules"


It doesn't matter but it is harder to say вдома if the last word ends in a similar sound (в, ф, п, etc.). Same for удома, which would be harder to say after vowels.


Couldn't you also say "тепер"? It is Ukrainian, and it's what I've been using all my life, but duolingo doesn't accept it.


Thanks for commenting! Yes, it was not accounted for. "Удома" was not accepted either. I added both, thanks, I guess little attention went into this exercise :)

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