"Where are my notebooks?"

Translation:Где мои тетради?

November 15, 2015

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What's the difference between й, я, and at the end of мои

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    • мой is masculine singular (nominative case), used with masculine nouns,
    • моя́ is feminine singular,
    • моё is neuter singular,
    • мои́ is plural.

    All of them are in nominative case, other cases will be different (i.e. in Genitive they will be моего́/мое́й/моего́/мои́х).


    So how do we determine the gender of a word?

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      Well... You look it up in a dictionary? :D

      There is no reliable way. If you see this word in singular, you can usually guess by its endings or by adjectives used with it (including мой/моя/моё). Sometimes looking at suffixes helps, too. But in general, there is no reliable way.

      In fact, there are Russian words for which I don't know the gender! For example, in the café we have a dish called зра́зы. Since it's almost always used in plural, I don't know what's its singular form, so I don't know its gender (is it masculine зраз or feminine зраза? no idea!).


      In English, it is Zrazy.


      There should be grammar guides on the internet. You learn the basic rules (the ends of words are a pretty reliable way to determine it, it's good if the guide has dozens of examples) and then the exceptions, it's really not that difficult. And with practice with the language it becomes automatic. Waaaay more easy than in German or French, in my opinion.


      People should note that мои́ is usually written мои. The accent is for emphasis but not essential.


      Where can I learn the case and gender of words? Duolingo doesn't seem to teach it well.

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        You can use Wiktionary: https://en.wiktionary.org/wiki/тетрадь. The gender is marked in 'тетра́дь • (tetrádʹ) f inan' (f means 'feminine), the cases are listed under 'Declension of тетра́дь (inan fem-form 3rd-decl accent-a)' (you might need to click on blue the box to open it).


        These should really be fixed to accept Cyrillic as correct. It doesn't do much good if you can't read / write Russian in the Russian alphabet.

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          There should be a switch at the top:

          screenshot (it's from Ukrainian course but it should look the same in Russian)

          But I agree that Cyrillic should be the default option.


          there SHOULD be -- i don't se one.

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            You’re answering a post written 2 years ago. Duolingo has done a complete rewrite of their code since this post was written, and introduced numerous changes. I have no idea how to switch the layout now.


            I hadn't noticed that, thank you!


            Agreed, the Russian alphabet is phonetic and not hard to learn. I think it would be a complete waste of time to memorize a bunch of Russian vocabulary as approximations using the English alphabet


            It is not especially hard to learn (with some exceptions: O that sounds like A and soft signs), but it is very time-consuming to type until one learns the keyboard.


            Why this is not write ? ..Где мой тетради

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              «Мой» is used with singular masculine nouns. «Мои» is used with plural nouns.


              Is "Мой" Pronounced as a dipthong, while "Мои" is said with a glottal stop?

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                I don't think Russian has glottal stop.

                Мо́й and мои́ differ in stress, so they're easily distinguishable.

                As for cases when ой and ои are not distinguishable by stress (во́ины 'warriors', во́йны 'wars'), I don't know. They're often confused, but definitely distinguishable in careful speech, but I'm not sure how to describe the difference in linguistic terms. I'm pretty sure it's not a glottal stop.


                What is the difference between тетради and поутбуки?

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                  Тетра́ди are things to write in, from which you can’t tear off pages easily. Ноутбу́ки are portable computers.

                  There are also блокно́ты, that’s a type of notebook from which you can tear any page easily.


                  Тетради - notebooks, Ноутбуки - laptops


                  What about "тетрадки"?


                  Why is it моя when it is masculine? (No a at the end)

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                    «Тетрадь» is feminine. Not all feminine nouns have -а or -я in the end, a number of feminine nouns ends in a soft consonant (ночь 'night', ложь 'falsehood, lies', речь 'speech'). They are declined differently from other feminine nouns (linguistically speaking, they belong to the 3rd declension/i-declension, while most other Russian feminine nouns belong to the 1st declension¹/a-declension).

                    ¹ To make everything even more confusing, sometimes a-declension is called 2nd declension.


                    In this sentence, is тетради in the nominative case? Or genitive? Or ...?


                    As usual, no key board or word bank provided.

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