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"В Казахстане почти все говорят по-русски."

Translation:In Kazakhstan, almost everyone speaks Russian.

November 15, 2015



I have found this to be (mostly) true, with the exception of one very rude taxi driver.


Having lived in Kazakhstan for two years, I can attest that there are on occasion people who insist that Kazakhs should speak Kazakh (alternatively spelled Qazaq). Sorry you had that bad experience with a taxi driver. I typically enjoy conversation with taxi drivers to practice Russian, and very rarely, like you, I've met some rude taxi drivers.


"nearly" should be allowed It means the same as "almost"


And, apparently, according to my Ukrainian friend, their accent is absolutely hilarious.


motor revving sounds


Интересно! У моей матери даже есть друг из Казахстане: Ирина Воеводина из Алма-Аты!

У нее еще друг, которого зовут Эгон Карулаане (Egon Karulaane), и он тоже знает русский. Хоть он родился в Казахстане, он долго жил в Украине и в Эстонии. Теперь он живёт в Швеции.


I'm not sure if they would be happy with you posting their names online, but it's interesting nonetheless.
У меня тоже друг из Казахстана, но он родился в Москве. Он жил и в России ив Казахстане и в Турции и теперь он живёт в Польше. И он хорошо знает языки этих всех стран!


They also speak their native language, Kazakh, which is a relative of Turkish


Very nice. wow wow wee wah


Это правда?


they kinda do but more speak Kazakh which is more turkic.


"In Kazakhstan almost all speak Russian" should also be correct.

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