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"Leggo uno studio sui mercati."

Translation:I read a study on the markets.

November 25, 2013



I think an equally valid translation, and in my opinion, more elegant translation, would be 'of the markets'.


Agreed. I had originally written the literal translation of "I read a study on the markets", but it felt unnatural to me. I therefore changed "on" to "of" and boom, it was marked as wrong.


"of markets" would be more idiomatic than "on markets"


What's wrong with "on the markets" here? Sui is literally "on the" isn't it?


su can mean "about (a certain topic)" as well, it depends on context.


Yes, I understand that. But is "on the" actually wrong?


Google fetches many examples of 'a study on' (markets, prayers, lyinig, addiction, etc etc) and also is a similar outcome with 'a study about'. Which is correct idiom or there is difference in meaning is question for an English expert. But is it also correct to say 'leggo uno studio dei mercati' ?


Briton here, "on the markets" sounds good to me.


"A study on markets " is just plain bad English


No one says I read a study. One would say I am reading a study on markets, about markets....for example. Now the past tense is also "read" (pronounced like the colour red) so in that case it would make sense.

One cannot say "of the markets" in this case. If one says I'm doing a study of the markets, that is OK. One cannot read of the markets.


Why would 'a study of the markets' be wrong?


I read a study implies that the action is a completed event. Therefore, is not "Ho letto uno studio sui mercati" more appropriate.

Leggo implies to me a current action, such as "I am reading a study on the markets."

When does present indicative end and passato prossimo start?


"I read a market study" not accepted ?


How about "on the marketing"?


Uno = "one" here? In English we use a study and one study interchangeably.


It can be only "one" (uno) or "a" (uno), we don't know.


North American English generally uses "market study"


and it was marked wrong 29may 2020


Present simple is awkward here: how often does the reader read this text? "I read" immediately suggests past simple; if not, it's a repeated action. And "a study" is less natural than "a report" in English. In English, "a study" is the act of studying, not usually the text produced afterwards. But my answer "I'm reading a report on the markets" was not accepted. On the issue of "on"/ "of" the markets, I'd say "he did a study of the markets" or "he wrote a report on the markets", ie it's a question of collocation

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