I was curious about this skill from the moment I saw it on the tree preview, and it did not disappoint.

I kind of don't want to say what was fleeting, because I didn't have a clue and it was sort of a fun surprise (I might be a weirdo for that, I admit), but particularly after the numbers skill above it which made my brain feel a bit like it was being turned to cream cheese (whyyyyy are adjectives not the same as the nouns, and I can only assume selective amnesia protected me from that knowledge), it was weirdly really, really fun to hop through the fleeting skill and be made to feel no longer entirely helpless/clueless.

Phew! Thanks for that, Russian Team! I am by turns surprised by what I remember and disappointed by what I've forgotten, but that skill was just downright fun and I no longer feel like an idiot... which is nice!

November 15, 2015


What do you think is fleeting anyways?

I am with you Flootzavut!! I'm surprised at what I do remember and the things I need to practice more! Much thanks to the Russian team! :)

I knew what fleeting meant, but I'd seen it called floating before.

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