"старший сын"

Translation:an older son

November 16, 2015

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My oldest son is named Andy. Since I have three sons, I never talk about him being the "older" son. Just oldest, middle and youngest. Do Russians use "старший сын" in the same way that I use "oldest son" ?


From the beginning of the The Little Humpbacked Horse (Конёк-Горбунок) tale (Pyotr Yershov, 1834):

У старинушки три сына:
Старший умный был детина,
Средний сын и так и сяк,
Младший вовсе был дурак.

Of his sons — and he had three,
Th'eldest sharp was as could be;
Second was nor dull nor bright,
But the third — a fool all right.

Russian illustrated text: http://lib.ru/LITRA/ERSHOW/konek.txt_with-big-pictures.html
English text: https://russian-crafts.com/tales/horse.html

Sorry, no offense ;)


Perfect. Thank you!


There is a Soviet cartoon of the same name if you're interested: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8Ngwh5r7tW4 (English subtitles)


Спасибо! I find kids' educational TV to be helpful when learning a language; it gives me a chance to hear the language in action, but at a pace I can understand. (Also, I just like cartoons.)


Thanks, that is very nice! I'll be sure to watch it when I'll know enough about russian to understand it!


Wow! I am already watching this, Are you a Russian native speaker? If so, would you say the subtitles are accurate in this one?


Looks like the subtitles are made from that English translation. They basically convey the meaning, yes, but this tale contains so many old and vernacular words, that I suppose it's hardly understandable even for modern native children.


Oh, stink. That video is no longer available. If anyone remembers what the video WAS and can share the name or title or whatever so I can search for it, I'd sure be grateful!


Why not just "old son"?


старый сын


So, then, shouldn't "oldest son" also be accepted for ""старший сын" ? DL still marks it wrong. Did I misunderstand something?


It should be, I suppose. Try to report next time.


I did already. Twice. They must be overloaded.


How to make sense of IE words- sin-son, voda-water (vader, I guess?)

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