"Это молоко у тебя?"

Translation:Do you have this milk?

November 16, 2015



Would "is this milk yours" be a valid translation?

November 16, 2015


yeah why the hell not

June 1, 2016


Google Translate translates it as, "Is this your milk?"

July 17, 2018


One should generally be wary of Google translate, all the more so with a sentence as tricky as this one.

EDIT: Google Translate now seems to translate it as "Is that milk you?" :)

July 17, 2018


I got the same question

December 16, 2018


That would have been my choice too

February 18, 2019


why isn't it "у тебя это молоко"? What is the difference between у тебя being at the beginning of the sentence and being at the end?

November 16, 2015


In Russian you can switch the order of them in situations like this. It usually changes the emphasis, so "у тебя это молоко?" would be asking about what you have, but "это молоко у тебя?" might be asking who has it.

July 17, 2018


Google Translate translates у тебя это молоко as, "Do you have milk?" Google translates это молоко у тебя as, "Is this your milk?"

July 17, 2018


"Is this your milk?" = Это твоё молоко?

July 17, 2018


Yes, this issue is confusing me too!

August 21, 2017


I thinks it's bc the literal translation is "Is the milk by you?"

May 21, 2018


I suppose it could be an existential question... You're at a friend's house, you hold up their milk and ask "is this milk really here?"

November 22, 2015


It does seem like a rather strange sentence.

November 23, 2015


I think it's just the "standard" English translation that makes it strange, since it doesn't make much sense.

January 14, 2016


Or you're in the supermarket and you see an unusual brand of milk. "Do you have this milk?" you ask your friend.

January 7, 2018


I don't know, in English it just sounds like two guys doing drugs.

August 1, 2018


Wha...? "Is this milk at your place?"

OK duolingo. That's an... interesting translation.

January 6, 2016


May the Milk be with you

December 21, 2016


I'm having trouble imagining this as an actual question for someone. If it's "this milk" it's either in my hand or ver obviously in front of me. In both cases, it's clearly not something that "you have".

I'm going to second Jpsweelinck's question. Could this be "Is this milk yours?"

November 19, 2015


Guy 1 and Guy 2 walk into a store. Guy 1 usually buys Удивительно brand milk. He stumbles upon a different kind of milk probably with added flavoring or whatever just to see if the niche is there named Потрясающе Дегустация. Guy 1 asks to Guy 2, since he's a little curious as to what it tastes like but not willing to buy a gallon, asks "Это молоко у теба?"; he wants to know if he has Потрясающе at his house to try it out.

October 23, 2018


This is right up there with "Your mouse or your horse?" as one of those questions that wouldn't ever be asked.

December 28, 2015


It is right behind "Is this coffee or borscht?"

April 10, 2018


To be fair, that could be an insult in the right context.

October 23, 2018


If you can distinct between coffee and borscht at the first glance - then surely the coffee is not strong enough.

January 4, 2019


My favourites: dad, this is not my motor; this is a café, not my house

December 9, 2018


Actually, I think this is a pretty common question in health food stores. There is such a wide variety of milks in the US nowadays!

December 28, 2015


But if you were asking this in a store, chances are you would use Вас, not тебя.

September 17, 2016


Very good shelscribe! I didn't think of that.

May 5, 2016


Why can I not translate this as "Do you have milk"? "Do you have this milk" was definitely not written by a native English speaker.

January 1, 2016


The "ето" makes it "this" milk.

January 7, 2018


I have read all the comments and I still can't tell what this sentence actually means.

March 10, 2017


A better translation could be "Is that milk that you have?". I can see that you have something, and I'm guessing that it's milk, and I'm asking to see if I'm right.

July 9, 2017


"Do you have this brand of milk, or that brand?"

October 23, 2018


I third Jpsweelinck. Can 'is this milk yours" be a valid translation?

November 21, 2015


Not accepted as of 8/18/2018

August 18, 2018


is this your milk?

November 23, 2015


Это твоё молоко?

November 23, 2015


but isn't PatrickRansom somehow right? "is this your milk?" sounds much more natural (unless you are in a supermarket and asking for a special kind/brand of milk)

February 13, 2017


The translation above, admittedly, sounds like something a professor of philosophy would say (apologies in advance if there are any actual professors of philosophy here who feel they are being maligned). I don't think PatrickRansom's sentence is a great translation though since it's not really what the Russian says. My inclination would be to translate it as "is this milk yours?"

February 13, 2017


It is more like "Do you have that milk?"

February 13, 2017


In what kind of context would this be said? Is it asking in a store about a specific brand of milk? Is it "did you take the milk that was sitting here?"

February 13, 2017


Like you have a picture of a certain kind of milk (like maybe a specific brand) and are asking a salesclerk if the store carries it?

EDIT: having asked a native Russian speaker about this, he gave the following example:

several people have many things distributed between their containers and now are trying to figure out, what is where:

Мы ведь покупали детское молоко, но у меня в сумке его нет. Это молоко у тебя? Или мы забыли его в магазине?

My translation: We bought kid's milk, but I don't have it in my bag. Do you have that milk? Or did we forget it at the store?

July 17, 2018


What does that even mean? Does it mean "is this your milk"?

August 7, 2017


I think the stress is simply on THIS. do you have THIS kind of milk, however, it is not straightforward and especially not on a beginner's level

December 10, 2015


Have to agree "is this milk at your place" doesn't make much sense in English. Whats the context?

February 10, 2016


"This milk you have?"

I don't know if this is the correct way of saying a sentence like that, but I do know that some languages (Spanish for instance) switch around the word play.

So it may sound nonsense to you, but it may be the way they speak. Just like how they don't use typically use the verb "to be" unless in some cases it's separated with an Em - dash. There are notes in the sections that might help you. I suggest writing things down too, it'll help you remember things. Sounding the words out is also a key to learning them.

April 28, 2016


Can you say "is this milk with you?"

December 19, 2016


Why isn't it этот?

August 14, 2017


Молоко is neuter.

August 14, 2017


I haven't picked up on that. Is этот for masculine or feminine?

September 3, 2018



If you take вода, хлеб and молоко as your typical examples of feminine, masculine and neuter nouns, you can notice that этот has the same endings in the Nominative. The feminine form ends in -а, the masculine has a consonant at the end, and the neuter form ends in -о.

September 3, 2018


masculine; feminine is "эта"

September 3, 2018


may be .. I am at a supermarket and asking them .. Do you have this (something specific) milk..

September 11, 2017


I got the suggested translation as "Is this milk at your place?" which is straight-up ridiculous to ask anybody... I understand that the point of all of this is to learn Russian but can we please, for the time being, avoid sentences that sound weird in either Russian or English.

December 15, 2017


That sentence is a reasonably straightforward translation of this somewhat difficult Russian sentence. So somebody came up with it, possibly out of lack of insight about how to to any better. It's a grammatically correct sentence; it indicates a good understanding of the Russian; so there's no particular reason not to accept it. People don't much like having grammatically correct, accurate renderings rejected. The suggested translation I see is, "Do you have this milk?" If you make a mistake, the suggestion you see is often one that's close to what you entered; I assume that's what you're referring to.

December 15, 2017


I thought у тебя translates to at your place? Why does it change?

June 7, 2018


Hey man. Do you have this milk? The milk I have right here. Do you have it?

August 31, 2016


You cannot say "Is this milk with you?" in English. You might say "Is this child with you?" or "Is this man with you?" No one would understand you if you asked if this milk was with them.

I wish whoever set these questions in Russian would explain what they meant. The only answer that has made sense to me so far is the one that means, "Do you have this brand of milk?"

December 20, 2016


This sentence means nothing.

January 14, 2017


Perhaps it means "Does THIS milk belong to you?" when opening a fridge full of shared food...

January 14, 2017


Why is 'у тебя' only translated as 'Do you have' despite the fact that there's no 'есть'. Can't it also be translated as 'near you' or 'at you'. What would the sentence be for 'Is this milk near/at you?'?

April 18, 2018


We do not use у with living beings to express physical proximity. So, "у озера" is a normal way to say near the lake, by the lake —but "у актёра"/"у оленя" would not be understood as near an actor / near a deer .

You can use около or возле for that:

  • Сумка около/возле тебя.

Also, рядом с + Instrumental (which is not as convenient for a beginner):

  • Моя кружка рядом с тобой.

Another thing you should know is that we use "location" verbs fairly often. Literally translating them into English is often unnatural, so "is" is usually enough:

  • Сан-Франциско находится на Западном побережье
  • Справа от меня сидела женщина.
  • На столе стоит чашка.
  • Бумаги лежат на твоём столе.
April 18, 2018


I thought это functioned as a subject, not as a modifier/adjective?

November 23, 2018


https://forum.duolingo.com/comment/11536858 (linked at the top of the Russian forum for easy reference)

November 23, 2018


To me, it sounds like someone brought an empty milk jug to a supermarket, and is asking if they sell that brand/kind while presenting the empty one.

December 30, 2018


Why "is this milk you have?" wrong?

April 5, 2019


У нас так не говорят :)

February 16, 2016


Do you have this milk is nearly a nonsense statement in English- some clearer context is needed.

February 29, 2016


I think Shelscribe's answer is good though - if you're asking if a shop has a certain brand of milk.

May 5, 2016


"is this milk yours??" why not ???

September 26, 2016


What would the translation of "Is this milk you have?" be? Maybe I am confused, but had heard the words are shuffled around for emphasis?

December 22, 2016


would "У тебя есть эта молоко?" not work good?

January 18, 2017


I wrote: Does this milk belong to you? Is it really false? Why?

May 1, 2018


Why is it not "у тебя есть это молоко?" I dont understand the purpose of this construct.

May 6, 2018


Why does this exercise omits the "есть"? So far, I know that when it doesn't have it, it means "at your/his place (у тебя/него)" but with "milk" on it, I just can't make sense of this

June 6, 2018


The sentence in English is strange.

June 30, 2018


Could it be translated 'got milk?'

July 21, 2018


In the recording I don't hear у, but it's required to write to get this sentence accepted.

August 6, 2018


"Is that milk you have?"

October 18, 2018


This is your milk ?

December 20, 2018


Seems like a question Vsauce would ask, : ("this milk is here... is iT?" Vsauce usic starts

February 3, 2019


I first translated this as "Is this the milk you have"? What's wrong with this? If it it wrong, how do I say that?

Thanks in advance! :)

February 20, 2019


Is this milk "at your place"?
Was also considered correct. It sounds strange but is consistent if context is good enough

March 18, 2019


"Do you have this milk" makes zero sense

May 26, 2018


I think it should translate like this: "What is that do you have, it's milk (or something different)?"

"Do you have this milk?" is inccorect.

September 8, 2018


"What is that do you have?" isn't a valid English sentence as far as I'm aware.

September 8, 2018


Ok. Let it be without "do" but anyway my option is closer to the right meaning in Russian.

September 9, 2018


No. Your sentence is totally wrong for multiple reasons; removing the "do" does not help at all; the first half of your sentence is a (nonsensical) question while the second is a statement; the punctuation is wrong; it is certainly not "closer to the right meaning"; and "do you have this milk?" is NOT incorrect*, in fact it is a perfect translation.

There is nothing wrong with this exercise. I think you are confused because the subject and object are in a different order. The fact is: in English, the subject MUST go first and the object afterwards, but in Russian they can be in either order. The Russian word order does not affect the English translation.

"У тебя это молоко?" and "это молоко у тебя?" both translate to "do you have this milk?"

September 9, 2018


Having asked my native Russian speaking friend about this, he replied this sort of interpretation is possible if there's pronounced emphasis on "молоко." Otherwise it'd be "Это у тебя молоко?" I'd probably render this meaning something like "Is that thing you have milk?" although "What is that you have? Is it milk?" is pretty close meaning-wise, but probably unreasonable to expect Duolingo to include something that far afield. And in fact, the Russian course for English speakers doesn't tend to deal with emphatic pronunciation sorts of things, so I can see them not including translations that would require that to generate the corresponding English meaning.

September 9, 2018


Это у тебя молоко is, roughly, "Is it you who has the milk?". This usage of это is similar to "Это они изобрели часы". Or I do not know which kind of intonation they meant.

September 9, 2018


Not correct translation

April 8, 2018


Yet another translation into English that makes little sense unless you contrive an unlikely scenario.... Does anyone from Duo Lingo actually speak English?

November 3, 2018


-I have a special milk with cocaine... -Do you have this milk?

December 27, 2017


Please update.

May 5, 2018


Please change it.

May 5, 2018



May 5, 2018


so dumb

May 5, 2018


over and over

May 5, 2018


give me all of your lingots!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

August 25, 2016
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