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"У меня есть говорящая лошадь."

Translation:I have a talking horse.

November 16, 2015



Of course, of course.


I just want to say that I find your profile outstanding.


Wow, I have to say that is linguistic dedication. I hope to amount to that level of learning.


Até Português! Ela é demais!


Ой, Боже мой! Is there any language on the face of this good green Earth you don't speak yet?!


Congratulations on such dedication.


you just missed the opportunity to say "Of course, my horse" smh..


I have a talking horse sounds like a more natural translation.


Definitely. Fixed.


Я не знаток артиклей. Но меня здесь постоянно учат, что если артикль "а", то это "одна из ...". В связи с этим вопрос: Как много есть говорящих лошадей?


В данном предложении не обязательно быть другим говорящим лошадям. Можно сказать же что у меня есть говорящая и не говорящая лошади.


А ещё "а" используется когда ты впервые заговорил о чём то.


Nobody likes a liar


never thought mr ed would end up in this course


In Soviet Russia, horse speaks you


Why есть? Can есть be omitted?


As usual. If you emphasise its existence, you use есть. If the core of your message is shifted elsewhere, есть is not used.

Since having a talking horse is rather surprising, the sentence in the title can omit есть in the same fashion as "He's got a gun!", i.e. when you stress the identity of what someone has rather than the fact that they own it.


Yesterday, Mosfet07 explained to me that with "У нас есть хорошие законы," adding есть suggests that some of the laws are good (but some are bad.) (as opposed to "У нас хорошие законы" which basically talks about all the laws)

So, could "У меня есть говорящая лошадь" also be used to mean that "of all the horses I own, I have one talking horse" ? (I realize that there is some missing context.)


With a stress on есть, you can. You really should listen to people talking to distinguish different types of meaning.

Long story short, in English you use "have" both to inform someone about possessing something and to describe traits:

  • I have a car but do not have a house of my own.
  • I have green eyes and fair hair. = My eyes are green and the colour of my hair is light.

We do not use есть in Russian in the second case. Now, one can assume that every country has laws. The difference is only what kind of laws these are. Saying «У нас хорошие законы» is essentially the same as saying "Our laws are good". An у-phrase at the beginning of a sentence is not always about possession.

As for domestic animals, it is not reasonable to expect everyne to have at least one horse. However, if it is established that a person owns a number of horses, they can indeed say the sentence in the title to tell you something about the talking horse they have—or say that most of their horses cannot speak.


Thanks. This seems tricky. Maybe I'm just slow.

Re: "An у-phrase at the beginning of a sentence is not always about possession." This is how I got started on this line of questions, I.e., when to use у нас vs. наши to mean "our," and when to include есть with an у-phrase.


An у-phrase signals relevance. We use it for diseases. We also tend to use it when indicating number of things or amount of something (thus shifting focus from the existence of something to its exact quantity).

A few examples from Tatoeba:

It is little wonder that such usage with statements of existence gets tricky for English speakers. I mean sentences like «У нас отличные лошади» where У нас can be interpreted as a "relevant" marker ("Our horses are top-notch") but you can also formally translate it as possession and sound OK ("We have excellent horses"). Actually, English also allows for a similar transformation in some expressions:

  • I have my hands full. = My hands are full.


Мы живём в России. У нас всё бывает.


Or, quite simply put:
У нас хорошие законы. = We have good laws.
У нас есть хорошие законы. = We DO have good laws.


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[deactivated user]

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    В Кыргызстане, 《У меня был говорящая лошадь но я его поел. 》


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