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"Директор школы на втором этаже."

Translation:The school's principal is on the second floor.

November 16, 2015



This might be a stupid question... but is the headmaster/director of a school the same thing as the principal?


And if they are the same, why is director rejected?


Because the makers of the course didn't think of it; report it and they'll correct it

[deactivated user]

    Judging by the Wikipedia article, they are.


    there is absolutely no need for the word "school's" here, "principal" means the person who runs a school


    "school principal" should be accepted


    even just "principal" should be accepted. It's rarely used as a title outside of schools and maybe government..and if you are talking to someone who is already at the school and being directed to the second floor..context would seem to be enough to make it pretty clear that you are telling them that the school's principal and not the Secretary of Defense is up on the second floor....


    Agreed Marked wrong on 220419

    [deactivated user]

      " the director of the school is on the second floor " was marked wrong. Is it that literal? So depending on context director can mean headmaster, principal or CEO?


      So, why not "director" instead of "principal"?


      it is probably just how the people at duolingo interpret the russian phrase into American english. we would never call the principal of a school a director. Although I think the literal translation should be accepted considering we are trying to learn russian and not english in this course. lolz.


      "school rector" was marked incorrect

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