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What is your study regimen?

I went through all three levels of Pimsleur before starting Duolingo. Now, I'll revisit the Pimsler lessons to supplement my work on Duolingo. I also have some basic vocab lists that I will review and try to memorize. All in all, I'm doing about 30-60 min a day, sometimes more and sometimes less. Curious to hear what others are doing.

November 16, 2015



When I wake up, I put on the coffee, and do 50xp worth of Russian. Right after lunch or work (from home), I go for a walk and listen to a German podcast, then I do 50-100xp of German (it is my priority language right now), as I walk back I listen to another podcast, then do a German session on LWT (about 150-200 words). This amounts to about 60-90 minutes on German, but sometimes I break it up. Before bed, I will do 50xp worth of French, and perhaps watch a French show on Netflix. These are my daily languages.

Spanish is just on maintenance mode now, so I have a weekly routine. It consists of each of the following each week: read an article (500 words or more), watch a movie, learn a song, do 1 lesson in a course book, converse for at least 1 hour (can be cumulative). This amounts to 5 different assignments, covering all the main skills. Eventually, each of my languages will be on such a schedule.


I'm doing as long as I can each day. Some days I've been awake and driven enough to get to 150+ XP, some days I've barely been able to get to 50 because I was so exhausted, but I force myself to do it anyways.

Yesterday I slipped up and didn't do anything at all, but when I came back today I was still going strong and not missing much.


I try to use a mixture of resources. On the way to and from work I either listen to a Russian podcast or the audio from my Routledge Russian course book. At lunch I use the Memrise App to either refresh my knowledge or learn new words/phrases and then in the evening I have set a target of 30XP points here on Duolingo.

I also have two online Russian lessons a week with an amazing teacher who explains everything I don't understand and advises what to learn next. When or if I get time, I like to read the Rasskaz-Sensatsiya book by Ignaty Dyakov as it's all in Russian but still understandable for a beginner like me.

I just wish I could work out a way to remember all the words and phrases I've learnt, as I keep forgetting things I think I should know, and that's really annoying!


Right now I'm working my way through some Russian lessons on Youtube called Russian World and on good days I manage 2 lessons of 30min each. I enter the words and grammar examples from the lessons into Anki and then add enough words from a basic vocab list to fill up 60 new cards to study. Adding new stuff into Anki usually takes another hour. Depending on how many grammar examples are in the class I get between 15-30 new Russian words in a day this way. At some point during the day I study my Anki decks, which takes another hour in total, of which about 5-10 mins are spent also on Spanish. I tend to break the studying time up into chunks of 5-15 minutes though so as not to get bored. Then I try to study at least one new skill on Duolingo and practice for another 100 XP after that. Not sure how long that takes, but somewhere between half an hour and an hour.

Between the Russian stuff I usually also read something in Spanish, either with my Kindle or LWT. I also watch at least one episode of a series in Spanish, usually more. I don't usually schedule any specific maintenance time for my English, because it's the main language I use these days, but ironically I have to make an effort to maintain my German, although it's my native language! I speak it about once a week and try to write a page each day, but since I've not used it much in the last 10 years it's a little rusty nevertheless. Whenever I speak German on the phone or when I travel to Germany I usually hunt for words like someone at B2 level despite my efforts to maintain the language. Takes about a week in Germany before it starts flowing properly again! Ridiculous!

To sum it up: In total I spend about 3-4 hours with study, the rest is just relaxation time with some kind of Spanish immersion. I need to have my Russian at a good level in about a year and want to move on to learning by immersion as soon as possible, so I do spend quite a bit of effort on it.

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