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"Afrika er kontinentet sør for Europa."

Translation:Africa is the continent south of Europe.

November 16, 2015



I suspect the answer is no, but are there any rules / guides as to when to use 'for' instead of 'av' (and the other way around)?

  • 'av' would be used if you're describing what something is made of.

  • 'for' would be used when describing the position of something in relation to something else.


takk, jeg skal prøve det


Africa is the south continent to Europe. Africa is the south continent of Europe. These both sentences look logical to me. But they translate it in Norwegian language logic. Can you fix it please?


First off, I want you to know that I mean no disrespect =) I suspect that in your native tongue, the examples you've given might be correct; however, to a native English speaker, they are a little odd-sounding... or rather just a bit jumbled.

"Africa is the continent south of Europe." (Or) "The continent south of Europe is Africa."

These would both work in English. I can't really think of any other proper way to say it in English. And in modern English, we really don't use the word "to" interchangeably with the word "of." "To" is most often used to describe either movement or when someone receives something. I can't recall the technical terms for this, I'm afraid lol But I hope this helps ^^ Lykke til!


To the south of Europe is the continent of Africa.


Ooh Good one! Can't believe I missed that lol xD Tusen takk

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