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"Весна - це березень, квітень і травень."

Translation:Spring is March, April and May.

November 16, 2015



квітень - from flowers; травень - from grass; and березень - from what?


береза (birch)

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Why is "це" in this sentence?

[deactivated user]

    This is just a way to express «X is Y» in Ukrainian.

    Ukrainian doesn’t use the verb 'to be, is' as often as English does, so it needs other means of marking «X is Y» sentences. So, «це» is introduced in place of «is». (From the grammar point of view, this sentence can be analyzed as 'Spring, this [is] March, April and May.')

    It’s actually pretty common to put 'this' in «X is Y» sentences in different languages. For example, Mandarin Chinese did the same thing with 是 shì.


    And in French with c'est :)

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