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Learning verbs

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What's the best way to go about learning verbs? They are the hardest thing for me to memorise. I've suddenly realised that, although I've been studying Irish for quite some time, I still only know a handful of basic verbs. Maybe it's because some of them require a preposition, or that some of them need a whole other verb to work, even both combined - déanann mé staidéar ar... Anyway, is there anything I can do to make it easier, like is there a way to know which verbs require prepositions and what that preposition should be, or anything like that?

2 years ago


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The best way to learn verbs is to use them. Try writing a paragraph on a topic that interests you; when you find yourself not knowing a verb, refer to a dictionary (online or offline) to find out what that verb is. The dictionary entry will show you whether it’s a phrasal verb (i.e. one that requires a preposition for a different meaning than the verb without a preposition has) or not. If multiple verbs are shown, refer to a dictionary in the reverse direction for each of the listed verbs to learn if there are subtle differences in meaning between them or not.

2 years ago


thx that really helped me

11 months ago