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  5. "Вам нужны овощи?"

"Вам нужны овощи?"

Translation:Do you need vegetables?

November 16, 2015



Нет, почому что я не кролик.


Потому что?


I know, but the original post says "почому что", with "ч" and not "т".


dab on tge haters


Овощи sounds like fruits in Polish :x Damn you Russian

[deactivated user]

    In fact, it was the same word in the past, but its meaning changed in Russian, and Polish preserved the original meaning.

    Here's a list of other Polish words that sound similar to Russian words but mean different things: ru.wiktionary.org/wiki/Приложение:Ложные друзья переводчика (польский).

    By the way, the word жаба from my nick also means different things in Polish/Belarusian (frog) and Russian (toad). :)


    Very useful, thank you! :)


    Relevant fun fact: 'Obst' is German for fruit.


    The Russian word for vegetables sounds terrible to the French ear.


    Oh, come ooon, just watch this tiny video and notice how Russians react for some French phrases ))))



    It really looks like they're having a ball :) I wish I could understand it, but my Russian is not that good yet. There seems to be something about "la piste de", wether it is "de dance" or "d'envol". What is it sounding like in Russian to be so funny?

    [deactivated user]

      — А ты помнишь?..

      — Я помню гораздо больше французский, самое главное (да) — просто знать несколько фраз по-французски, чтобы действительно обаять женщину. Например, вот чашка кофе, например, будет, une tasse de café. Например, танцплощадка будет la piste de danse.

      — Реально?

      — Реально. Например, иллюминатор будет hublot. «Протрите мне hublot». Взлётная полоса будет la piste d'envol. Да, и моё любимое выражение. Да, это не забыть никогда. Вот есть люди, которые охотятся на сов, и вот охота на сов — у-ху — на сов, на обычных — охота на сов на французском звучит очень просто, la chasse aux hiboux.

      The joke sounds funny because he chooses the words that sound funny in Russian:

      • in 'une tasse de café' 'a cup of coffee', une tasse sounds like унита́з 'toilet bowl',
      • part of 'la piste de danse' and 'la piste d'envol' sounds like an obscene Russian word meaning female reproductive organ,
      • 'hublot' sounds like obscene Russian word meaning 'face' (it's obscene because it originally means something like 'place to be hit', and the word 'to hit' originally meant —and still means in many contexts— a sexual intercourse),
      • 'la chasse aux hiboux' sounds like «я щас (=сейчас) у*бу» 'I'm going to hit [you] now' (the word 'hit' is also obscene, derived from the same root).


      Haha, thanks for sharing! :D

      [deactivated user]

        Does it sound similar to something impolite? I'm just curious.


        It sounds like an equivalent of "Oh fu** off!". I'm really sorry about that, but it's just for the sake of curiosity :) The silver lining is that it got burned into my memory immediately.


        "Vache," then?


        In two words, va *hier, which is literally go lose some weight the fastest way you can think of.


        Why not "вам нужно овощи? when "вам нужно молоко" is correct?

        Because it's plural?


        Because it's plural?

        That's right.


        Sounds like "pam" rather than "vam." Should it?


        No. It's "vah-m". The robot sucks pronouncing this phrase.



        [deactivated user]

          Russian pronouns (and nouns) has several forms. «Вы» and «ты» are nominative case forms, they’re used when the pronoun or noun is a subject of the sentence.

          «Вам» and «тебе́» are Dative case forms, they roughly correspond to English phrases 'to you, for you'.

          Dative is used here because the subject in this sentence is «о́вощи». Literally, it can be translated, «to-you [are] neccessary vegetables». Since Russian marks subject with the Nominative case form, we don’t need to use the word order for it.


          Minor correction, овощи is the subject, not the object. Вам is the (indirect) object.

          [deactivated user]

            Sorry — fixed this in my post.


            Can a doctor use this phrase when he finds out that a patients needs to get more healthy vegetables?


            Couldn't the word veggies be used for овощи?

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