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"La biblioteko havas multajn librojn pri arto."

Translation:The library has many books about art.

November 16, 2015


[deactivated user]

    Can "Librejo" be a word for Library?


    Yes, it can. Librejo can be both, a library and a bookshop.


    Not libbutiko? Biblioteko sounds like someone decided to turn Esperanto into Ido.


    And to be fair Spanish, Portuguese, French, German, Italian, Russian all have something that sounds like biblioteko. Although the "biblio" prefix might make less sense in Esperanto since it means Bible, and "libro" might make more sense since it means book, there was no contest, really.

    A really relevant Duolingo forum discussion about the etymologies of library and bookstore For your convenience And Wordhippo but it doesn't really sort by type of language beyond continent


    Or that they took a root from another romance language. :) For instance the Spanish word "biblioteca"


    What about "Libraro"? How does that compare to "biblioteko"?


    I was thinking libarejo... a place for books.


    The suffix -aro seems to combine with a noun's root to form a new noun that represents a collection of original noun. As seen here, an example of this is ŝtupo (a step) - ŝtuparo (a staircase).
    If we follow this logic then libraro would probably mean something such as "a collection of books, that are considered as one entity". This contrasts to biblioteko which refers to "a building or room housing a book collection, library".


    I see. So, like, all the volumes of an encyclopedia?

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