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Learning Esperanto is an elaborate prank for my husband

This may seem a bit odd, but my husband is just instantaneously annoyed about anyone learning and/or talking about Esperanto. He's the kind of guy that doesn't get annoyed by anything. So of course, being the troll that I am, I decided to learn it. On top of that, I have convinced 6 of our closest friends and my brother-in-law to also learn it. We plan to speak it in front of him. He knows that I am learning it, but he doesn't know about our friends. I'll keep you all posted with progress and his reaction when it finally happens.


PS. I asked him about other "dead" languages. We live in Oklahoma. He thinks learning Cherokee would be worth while to preserve heritage. However, Esperanto doesn't meet his requirements for some reason.

November 16, 2015



A friend drunkly spouted out some Esperanto at a "friendsgiving." My husband didn't notice until I looked at him to catch his expression. Then he asked how many people were in on it. I said "about 7." To which he replied I can understand what you're saying. It's close enough to spanish. Then I started spouting off in EO... to which he replied by handing a glass of wine to me. Cue the losing music from The Price is Right. (he's very quiet.) I know that he doesn't understand me. I told him I wanted him to learn it as a Christmas present for me. He replied to that by giving me a kitten. A kitten which I only speak Esperanto to. Mi amas mia katidon!


UPDATE AGAIN! My husband was a little more tipsy than I thought when the joke first unveiled. I guess he either wasn't really listening or forgot. It's difficult to tell when he's tipsy. So He came home yesterday (his last work day of 2015.) He walked in and announced "WHY F*** ARE PEOPLE AT THE RESEARCH CENTER TALKING TO EACH OTHER IN ESPERANTO?!" I wish you all could have seen the smile like the Cheshire Cat dance across my face. I said "Mi ne scii." "oh mY GOD!" he exclaimed getting louder at the end. My friends are the best!

-Esperantrollino/Nupangea/Allison McDaniel OUT!


You seriously made my day by all your hilarious posts here. High five!


We really need to know what name you gave the kitten, please.


Oh no!

I told him I wanted him to learn it as a Christmas present for me.

Well, that's unlikely to work... The world is full of people who would like nothing more than their spouses learning their mother tongue, never mind a language to which they have no connection and which would be of limited practical use. Some people respond well to learning under this kind of pressure from a loved one. Others really, really don't.


I don't think he will, but his father is intrigued by it. His dad is a troll too!


Awww, that is adorable! mi amas via katidon!


My wife also gets annoyed by Esperanto a bit, but I haven't been able to convince anyone else yet. BTW I also live in OK, in stillwater.


WHAT?! WE MUST MEET! When I learn more. You're 10 levels above me. I'm in Bartlesville.


Sounds like a plan. While I think I can read pretty well (I think) I don't really have anyone to converse with here, so it should be fun to try to actually talk to someone else over coffee or some such.


I've been trying to sneak sentences into conversations with my friends. They all just look at me like maybe I've had too many margaritas... The reality is that I'm still on my first and only one.


I got a tshirt with some esperanto on it and people ask me about it. Everybody first thinks its spanish because the words start with "estas" ...


I say it's Esperanto. And being in a university setting everyone so far has heard of Esperanto before (or at least are acting like it:). We've had a fun short chat about Esperanto, languages and math in one of my classes, but I doubt any of my students have jumped into Duolingo just yet :)


What do you say when they ask you?


Is it really safe to arrange to meet in real life? If you really want to, apply to host a Duolingo Event.


Yes, it is 100% safe


In Esperanto, I believe Esperantroll would be "Esperantrollo" with the feminine equivalent being an "Esperantrollino".


It doesn't need to change for gender and it shouldn't have a double L.


If you think something shouldn't have to change for gender, you should be learning Ido instead.


Not necessarily. That is an aspect I prefer about Ido, but there are other things about Ido that I like worse than Esperanto. You don't have to like everything about a language, such as Esperanto, to want to learn and speak it.


Okay... we get it. Here's your Lingot.


It'd be quite funny if R4_Online was actually your husband counter-trolling


If that was him... he would win. Officially.


}:D tHAT IS,,, uHH,,, hUMOROUS,,, tO,,, uHH,,, sAY THE LEAST,,,


I need to see the results of this!!! XD lol


Why don't you learn both, Esperanto and Cherokee? Cherokee is severely endangered.


Osiyo! Cherokee is an insanely difficult language, and technically I come from a Choctaw background. Plus it's only offered at 1 university that is an hour and 1/2 drive for me. I know quite a few speakers though.


I'm also from Oklahoma (Tulsa) and I took 1 semester of Cherokee at NSU in Tahlequah (the capital of the Cherokee Nation) about 8 or 9 years ago. It was very difficult, although I partly attribute that to the way it was taught. I only remember 2 words: agiyosiha (not sure of spelling, but it means "I'm hungry") and suli (which means "goose"). I assume you are referring to NSU, but are you sure they are the only ones who offer Cherokee? I thought OU and possibly even OSU also offered Cherokee and a few other Native American languages, but maybe not.
By the way, all Native American languages are endangered. Cherokee, however, is better off than all of them. It might even become the first such language to be available with Google Translate soon.


This is great! I love this kind of joke. I'd love to hear about the results of this.


UPDATE!!!! Husband went on another rant in the car last night when I was trying to explain to my friends (in the backseat) about how much I like learning Esperanto. Husband: "I mean. Who? WHO!? Who are you gonna speak Esperanto to? Me: Lots of people speak Esperanto! THEY HAVE A VERY LIVELY COMMUNITY! Husband: I mean like no one around here speaks it. I should say the couple in the backseat are in on the joke... Husband doesn't know that at this point. They look at each other and look at me with restrained smiles. Me: There are at least TWO other people around here that speak it! (Talking about the two Oklahomans that I've talked to on this thread.) Husband: Are they guys? Me: Yep! Husband: Is that weird? Me: NOPE! Husband: You're weird! Me: Acknowledged!


Take him somewhere and use Pasporta Servo. That will make him appreciate Esperanto.


Don't mean to be pedantic, but I think that would be Dio benu vin. Hope that helps/you don't mind.


Lol, vi vere volas gxeni lin xD


As someone who likes to use hashtags like #UncleTroll and #DadTroll (my favorite) in Facebook, I totally suport you! ;)

Eyetwitching is priceless...


Fellow Okie :). I dabbled in Cherokee as well, but that was way too difficult and I didn't know any other speakers. I live closer to Lawton, speakers are pretty sparse out here. Comanche is easier, but hardly anyone speaks it even on the rez. Quite a shame really, Oklahoma has such a rich cultural heritage, and now its being replaced by European languages instead. I'm learning French now, mainly because its the only language I can actually find speakers in. All the natives are paranoid about me trying to learn their language if I am not apart of their tribe, save for Cherokee. I'd like to think in an Esperanto-speaking world, these endangered languages could be preserved while we all share the common tongue for government and business.


I know! If a white person tries to learn Cherokee, they either love you or hate you for it. I haven't tried Comanche. I'd like to learn Choctaw. Also I just looked and found this: http://www.choctawschool.com/classes/community-classes.aspx I'd like to start going to the Tulsa classes after I master Esperanto.


Comanche is easy, its like Latin as far as sentence structure and pronunciation. For the most part anyways. I think there are only around 600 speakers, something like 30 of which are native speakers. They've been aggressively Americanized. Afraid I know nothing of Choctaw, none of that runs in my family to my knowledge lol. Whats it like? Esperanto, though it may seem counter intuitive, is actually a good language hack for learning other languages quickly. It helped me pick up French a lot faster than just learning French by itself would have. I am strongly considering moving to Canada, where certain Iroquoian language, like Tuscarora or something. I wonder if natives in Canada are more paranoid or less? I just like the way they sound to be honest lol, and their concepts are very different from what I am use to as a western, which I find interesting.


I haven't tried Choctaw yet, but it looks like a fun language. I believe Oklahoma is actually Choctaw for "land of the red man." So you at least know 3 words right there. Oklah is red. I assume homa is home/land. As a language nerd, I get all wide eyed and bushy tailed when I hear a native language. Then they give the judging stare... and I apologize in word vomit form... but... which language is that? googling immediately


Tuscarora is one of the Six Nations of the Iroquois Confederation. Sounds like Cherokee, though I assume less complicate: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4BlzXiS7xZ4

Let me know how the prank goes. Some people in these comments are taking this prank way too seriously I think lol. Knowing a language others dont is convenient for whenever you don't want to talk to them. If someone I don't like tries to talk to me, now I'll just be like: Désolé? Je ne parler pas en anglais, comment en français, s'il vous plait?


I have an idea: speak only Esperanto to him unless you don't know how to say something. Then he will have to learn it so he can understand you.


My older brother also hates it when I learn Esperanto. He takes my computer and turns off the power and loads of extreme stuff lol, So I play this Esperanto song called 'Dek Bovinoj' (Ten cows) a lot as it is for kids and it's hilarious


Bless you Esperantroll!


That's hilarious!


I think this is the best post I've seen so far on the EO forum!


This is one of my favoritest reasons for learning a language ever! (by the way English learners, favoritest is not a word, do not copy my bad habits)


Favoritest is totally a word if you ask 5 year old American child. Still is by the standards of this 28 year old ladychild.


:-) Once you know the rules, you can play games with them. But first you want to learn the rules properly.


Is your husband the Son of Jor-El?


I can neither confirm nor deny this claim. He is a chemist. Therefore, all the fun that came with making popcorn is now turned into diagrams about saturated fats drawn on the white board.


Saturated fats? Now I think you are not the only troll in the family... ;o)


If you actually stick to this and become the esperantroll you will be a hero


What a lovely idea! You really need to record a video showing his reaction when all friends start to talk Esperanto suddenly. :D


That's a good idea!


Tio ĉi estas la plej bona!


My wife and a friend of mine have exactly the same attitude. I'm still learning it.


Mi esperas ke vi kaj viaj amikoj havos bonan ridon. Kiam ĝi okazos ne forgesu rakonti nin.


This is funny. Is it possible that your husband secretly loves Esperanto, and knowing you and friends by heart, he decided to troll everyone into learning it :P?


It's not possible. His eye twitches when I mention Esperanto.


God bless you, Esperantroll


Holy birdbowl, this is a great idea! I wanna do this one day.


I am very proud that my upvote was the 111th one. :) By the way, good luck with your trolling!


Ĉi tio ne aspektas amuza.


Vi estas malbona! That's a very ad joke and I love it. We as esperantist should keep trolling people this way.


I'm going to differ from other posters here. I think your husband's attitude (from your desciption of it) is a bit daft; but from what you've said you've decided to do something primarily to annoy someone, and encouraged others to do it to exclude said person. Not exactly taking the higher road...


I think if they would persist in speaking it in front of him, it would be a way to exclude him. But if it's just an incredibly elaborate and work intensive way of making him very, very surprised at a particular point in time, it actually sounds like a homage. They go through all this effort just to see his reaction!

If they simply wanted to exclude him, they could secretly learn any other language that he has no strong feelings about instead, and speak that one in front of him.

(And someone who takes the fun out of popcorn frankly deserves a bit of a prank...)


uMM,,, yOUR HUMAN pOPCORN IS,,, uHH,,, qUITE TASTY,,, aLTHOUGH IT IS HARD TO,,, uHH,,, eAT WITH,,, uHH,,, tROLL TEETH,,, (going ooc for a bit, as a cosplayer, I can personally tell you to NEVER try it with Kanaya fangs in. YOU WILL PAY THE PRICE aka stupid-long fangs that get the popcorn stuck everywhere possible in them and then you have to go home and clean them, which is quite hard....)


I try my best not to exclude him. I constantly say little EO things to him. I try to explain it to him. He's just perturbed by it. He likes that I like learning it though. I think he will jump on board. I hope so.



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