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Learning Esperanto is an elaborate prank for my husband

This may seem a bit odd, but my husband is just instantaneously annoyed about anyone learning and/or talking about Esperanto. He's the kind of guy that doesn't get annoyed by anything. So of course, being the troll that I am, I decided to learn it. On top of that, I have convinced 6 of our closest friends and my brother-in-law to also learn it. We plan to speak it in front of him. He knows that I am learning it, but he doesn't know about our friends. I'll keep you all posted with progress and his reaction when it finally happens.


PS. I asked him about other "dead" languages. We live in Oklahoma. He thinks learning Cherokee would be worth while to preserve heritage. However, Esperanto doesn't meet his requirements for some reason.

November 16, 2015



Mi esperas ke vi kaj viaj amikoj havos bonan ridon. Kiam ĝi okazos ne forgesu rakonti nin.


My wife and a friend of mine have exactly the same attitude. I'm still learning it.


A friend drunkly spouted out some Esperanto at a "friendsgiving." My husband didn't notice until I looked at him to catch his expression. Then he asked how many people were in on it. I said "about 7." To which he replied I can understand what you're saying. It's close enough to spanish. Then I started spouting off in EO... to which he replied by handing a glass of wine to me. Cue the losing music from The Price is Right. (he's very quiet.) I know that he doesn't understand me. I told him I wanted him to learn it as a Christmas present for me. He replied to that by giving me a kitten. A kitten which I only speak Esperanto to. Mi amas mia katidon!


UPDATE AGAIN! My husband was a little more tipsy than I thought when the joke first unveiled. I guess he either wasn't really listening or forgot. It's difficult to tell when he's tipsy. So He came home yesterday (his last work day of 2015.) He walked in and announced "WHY F*** ARE PEOPLE AT THE RESEARCH CENTER TALKING TO EACH OTHER IN ESPERANTO?!" I wish you all could have seen the smile like the Cheshire Cat dance across my face. I said "Mi ne scii." "oh mY GOD!" he exclaimed getting louder at the end. My friends are the best!

-Esperantrollino/Nupangea/Allison McDaniel OUT!


We really need to know what name you gave the kitten, please.


Oh no!

I told him I wanted him to learn it as a Christmas present for me.

Well, that's unlikely to work... The world is full of people who would like nothing more than their spouses learning their mother tongue, never mind a language to which they have no connection and which would be of limited practical use. Some people respond well to learning under this kind of pressure from a loved one. Others really, really don't.


Awww, that is adorable! mi amas via katidon!


My wife also gets annoyed by Esperanto a bit, but I haven't been able to convince anyone else yet. BTW I also live in OK, in stillwater.


WHAT?! WE MUST MEET! When I learn more. You're 10 levels above me. I'm in Bartlesville.


I need to see the results of this!!! XD lol


In Esperanto, I believe Esperantroll would be "Esperantrollo" with the feminine equivalent being an "Esperantrollino".


It doesn't need to change for gender and it shouldn't have a double L.


Okay... we get it. Here's your Lingot.

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