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"The funeral will be on Tuesday."

Translation:Begravelsen blir på tirsdag.

November 16, 2015



Is there a reason that "skal være" is accepted, but "skal skje" is not?


"å skje" means "to happen", wheras "å være" means "to be". So "skal være" is a more accurate (and more natural) translation.


Yes, but a funeral is something that happens. I.e. "be" is being used here in the sense of the 4th entry of https://en.wiktionary.org/wiki/be#Verb , compare this with https://en.wiktionary.org/wiki/happen#Verb .

Another way of expressing this in English is "The funeral will take place on Tuesday.", which I would argue is just as natural as using "be", "occur" or "happen".


"å skje" is just not a word you would normally use about a funeral. In my ears at least "to happen" or "to occur" are not a words I would normally use about a funeral either.

"to take place" sounds fine and the equivalent in Norwegian is "å finne sted". I would still maintain that "skal være" is a better and closer translation of "will be". "Å finne sted"/"to take place" are decidedly more formal.


OK, then I think this is simply a difference between English and Norwegian. To me, "... will be on [day]." is simply an accepted shortening of "... will be occurring/happening/taking place on [day].", which is equivalent to "... will occur/happen/take place on [day].".

I think "will occur" and "will happen" give a slight feeling of lack of control over the event, which may be why they don't quite sound right for a funeral, but I maintain that they are acceptable expressions. A quick google search for "funeral will X on" gives 328000, 7810, 9160 and 241000 results for X = be, happen, occur and take place, respectively.

Would you still use "skal være" for the timing of other events (parties, concerts, meetings, births, elections, etc.), or are there types of events that you would use "skal skje" for instead?


At the moment I can't really think of a good event skal skje on someday-example. I would use some of the other examples in an invite, skal være, skal finne sted.

Maybe a demonstration or political parole of sorts... fund raising events , innsamlingsaksjonen skal skje på tirsdag.

If you just got enganged, you could be asked når skal det skje?, when is it happening (ie the wedding)? Or when approaching a crowd waiting you could ask someone already there, what is happening/what is going to happen? hva er det som skal skje?. Which is the long version of the colloquial hva skjer 'a? (wassup)

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