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  5. "My friend reads every day."

"My friend reads every day."

Translation:Моя подруга читає щодня.

November 16, 2015



'Щодня' & 'кожен день' have the same meaning. So does 'кождий день', & 'кожний день'. I think it depends what part of the Ukrainian world one comes from. All are correct.


Is there any difference between щодня and кожен день?


Not sure about кожен день. But кожного дня (кожної ночі, кожного року, etc.) and щодня (щоночі, щороку, etc.) are synonymous and both use the genitive case. Using the accusative in these phrases might be due to influence from Russian, so I'd stick to the versions with the genitive to be safe.


Yepp. And even more, I'd stick with що... construction as it is "more native", so to say. Note that you can use virtually any time measuring word in genitive with що-: щосекунди (every second), щомісяця (every month) and so on.

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