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  5. "Я люблю спать."

"Я люблю спать."

Translation:I like to sleep.

November 16, 2015



Wow! Finally something about me!


Together we shall rice!


Since when "lyublyu" is not considered "love"? "Like" is the only possible option here, but "love" is a more accurate word to describe "lyublyu". The context of the word makes sense, but is saying "I love sleeping" grammatically wrong?


Olimo was kind enough to write an entire article on this exact thing:



what wrong with "I like sleep"?


The Russian word here is a verb "to sleep".

In your version "sleep" is a noun. This is presumably a different word in Russian.


Why can't it be "i like sleep?" Why does "to" have to be in there?


In English, "sleep" can be used as a verb or a noun. As a sentence, I like sleep is correct (it literally corresponds to Я люблю сон, which is, admittedly, not very common).

But it is not what the original sentence says.


Я люблю тебя, жизнь


Would it be more common to say (i love to sleep) or (i like to sleep)


"I love to sleep" is accepted


Why is "I like sleep" not acceptable when "Sleep" is the topmost translation given for «спать»? The English phrase means the same thing with or without the word "to".


Maybe because спать is the verb infinitive, while in your sentence "sleep" is a noun


Google translate(which isn't always the best) translates I love(to) sleep as я люблю спать. It tells me I like(to) sleep is мне нравится спать.


" I like sleep" is wrong... Does it have to be a verb instead of a noun? I think this should be correct


Does it mean i want to sleep now? How should we saw "i love sleeping"?


It means sleeping is something you like in general (i.e. an activity you enjoy).

If you want to sleep right now you can say Я хочу спать.

We do not distinguish between "like to do smth" vs. "love to do smth" the way English does. Мне нравится спать and Я люблю спать are roughly the same in strength (the latter is probably a more common wording).

If you need to express a stronger feeling of liking something, you can add "very"(e.g., очень люблю + infinitive) or use some other verb (e.g., обожаю "adore" + infinitive).


Спать sounds like "sport" XD


What is this sleep they speak of?


Quick question, я люблю спать, is this a little like "I (am) lik(ing) sleep"? If so, is the correct answer "I like to sleep" really any closer than "I like sleep"? Thanks in advance : )


No, спать is a verb and the "to" is included in the word. If it had been a noun it would have worked, but it's actually rather peculiar that the noun and the verb are the same in English.


It is conversion, a pretty common thing. The peculiar thing is, English easily converts words to a different class without any overt marking.

For example, in Russian silver as material is серебро and silver as adjective is серебряный. The verb ("to cover, coat with silver") is серебрить. In English it is all just "silver.


Thanks both of you!


This must be the girlfriend speaking

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