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"La discusión terminó después de una hora."

Translation:The discussion ended after an hour.

January 8, 2013



Just a few slides ago la discusion was translated as the argument. I understand it can also mean the disucssion, which is what I would have chosen if not for the previous slide teaching me to use argument. Just repeating what I heard. Perhaps both should be listed as acceptable.


looking in the dictionary 'discusión' is 'discussion' but used in common speaking, a 'discusión' can be a 'hot discussion' an argument. the correct tranlation for 'argument' is 'discusión acalorada' (I don't find a word for this)


I totally agree. That's the only reason I translated it as argument.


I totally agree too! I did find argument and it's (predictable) argumento!


I am not sure if i'm right but to me it seems slightly unclear if it is. The discussion took one hour or, the discussipon ended on the hour


it is also not clear for me .


My Mexican friend always said : I don't want to get into discussion with you. Now it totally makes sense he meant it as an argument


To add another level of confusion: In the art/science of debate: an argument is only one half of the heated discussion. Also argument in logic is posing one point of view or idea.


One more level of confusion: "argumento" also means "plot" (like the plot of a movie or play or book).


I tried to translate this as "the discussion ended one hour ago". How would that be said?


a hour and one hour has the same basic meaning in English


if i want to say after one o' clock, how should it be in Spanish? La discusión ... después xxx. Thank you.


"The discussion finished one hour later" - wasn't accepted.


"An hour after", means the same as "after an hour". That should be accepted.

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